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Cobs of the Week: Carl, Indiana State Eject, Oregon St, Sparty Offense, Blackshirts, and Iowa

Vote now and tell us what's the worst of the opening weekend of college football!

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The CornNation tradition is back: the Cobs of the Week. For those of you new to CN this season, this award recognizes the worst of the previous weekend in college football. As you might suspect, Colorado is a frequent nominee...but since they won, they'll get a pass this week. But there plenty of suckage elsewhere to nominate.

Carl Pelini: In the closing seconds of a 34-6 loss to Miami, Pelini called for his quarterback to spike the ball... on fourth down.

Carlos Aviles, Indiana State: For a dirty cheap shot in which he didn't even try to play clean football. Frankly, an ejection was going lenient for this hit.

Oregon State: Prior to Saturday, Eastern Washington was only known for red turf. 49 points? Really?

Michigan State offense. They were outscored by their defense (two touchdowns to one) and couldn't top 300 yards of offense. That might be acceptable if the Spartans were playing Alabama. Not if they were playing Western Michigan, which finished in the bottom half of the MAC in most defensive categories last season, going 4-8.

Nebraska Blackshirts. Hey, in order to maintain the integrity of the Cobs, the Huskers are eligible when they crap the their pants. And 602 yards is about as craptastic as it gets.

The State of Iowa. Both Iowa and Iowa State lose to Teams whose names start with Northern.

Samantha Goudie: This individual tried to rush the field in Iowa City, and was arrested. She blew a .341 on the breathalyzer. And yeah, she's proud of herself:

Her parents must be so proud:

So what's the worst of the week one in college football?