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Wednesday's Corn Flakes: Taylor A No-Go Saturday?

Today's flakes bring you news on Martinez's availability, and more news about the Vandy sexual assault case.

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Wednesday, a day to start (hopefully, knocking on wood) worrying about South Dakota State. No Flakes yesterday, because Salt did a fantastic job with his op-ed.

On to the links my friends, I'm going to try to split the Nebraska stuff between sources, because there's a lot and I don't want to combine them if you get that whole PAYWALLED thing.

Lincoln Journal Star:

The biggest news from Tuesday was that Taylor Martinez hasn't practiced this week, due to a foot injury (some call it turftoe) that has kept him out.

Tim Beck is wondering how to kick start the offense.

Unless something comes up, Bo Pelini is planning on coaching Saturday like a normal day.

Steve Sipple thinks the person who emailed Deadspin is a "weasel tipster" looking for a quick buck. Deadspin fired right back at Sip with a transparency post that called Steve "hacky" itself.

It has been over 36 hours (at the time of this posting) since this came out. Harvey Perlman and UNL still haven't made any statements on this.

Omaha World Herald:

Fan reaction to what Bo said on Deadspin has been quick.

If Taylor doesn't go against South Dakota State, Tommy Armstrong Jr and Ron Kellogg III have been battling to see who will take the start.

DC John Papuchis expects to play more linebackers on Saturday.

Lee Barfknecht says Bo maybe bit off more than he could chew here.

At a perfect time to pile on, Dirk Chatelain supports Bo in a way that may have made some heads spin.


Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune says Bo's exit is overdue. (FYI, the end of Teddy's piece is hot garbage, but that's JMO)

Dennis Dodd of CBS says he can deal with the swearing, it comes with the business.

Holly Anderson of Grantland/ESPN says that you have to examine Bo's plight from all sides.

I don't normally link HuskerMax pieces, but this one from NU Angry Dad is pretty spot on.

Other CFB:

Nick Saban thinks Johnny Manziel has a NFL future. In other news water is wet.

Chris Boyd was dismissed from Vanderbiltfor his actions in the ongoing sexual assault investigation on Tuesday. On the same day, starting QB Austyn Carta-Samuels was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The plaintiff list for the NCAA concussion battle has grown.

Do you feel bad for the referee from ASU/Wisconsin for the end of the game?

Can you apologize for a loss that hasn't even happened yet? Well, someone tried to do that for Mack Brown.

Not everyone in Ames is happy with Paul Rhodes right now.

Will you take Indiana seriously if they can beat Mizzou? I would. A win gets them to 3-1 on the year, and that offense ain't anything to laugh at.

Never change, Mark May.

Good news Royals fans, your Omaha AAA team are champions! Bad news Royals fans, your MLB team is about done for.

I have a hard time with the reasoning for Tampa Bay not being allowed by the NFL to bring back the creamsickle throwbacks. Matter of fact, look in the comments and I ask a good question about it.

Today's birthdays: Ronaldo, Lance Armstrong, Aisha Tyler, Ryne Sandberg, and the late James Gandolfini.

Today's video? Fatboy Slim, or what Jon does in the lobby of the hotel as he's waiting to check in.

(thanks SkintRecords)

Enjoy your day folks.