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Detasseling The Huskers, Episode 46: Bo's Tape Reaction, UCLA Fallout, NFL Draft Stock

Greg and Brian try to bring sense to what's been already a tumultuous 72 hours in the Husker world.

Eric Francis

Well, this has been a fun week already in Husker Nation.

So obviously, the guys spend the first part of the show talking about Bo's potty mouth, fan, and current/former player reaction.

That UCLA game was a good time, right? Greg and Brian talk about that sadness and what changes can be made on the defensive side of the ball.

Ending on a bright note (we think), the duo talks about the draft stock of a couple of Huskers. It's positive...we swear.

We wanna thank both Matt Mogensen and Andrew Bienka for their questions for this week's podcast.

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