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Monday's Corn Flakes: Problems With No Clear Answers?

Today's links include Tommie Frazier's comments, as well as the Wisconsin/Arizona St ending.

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Chiefs folks were happy yesterday
Chiefs folks were happy yesterday
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Monday has come. Regardless of how you feel, things keep on going. That includes the gameweek of South Dakota State. The presser will come today around noon-ish in North Stadium. I honestly don't know what questions will be asked and if any of them will be nothing but softballs, but I do know that people will be listening to whatever answers come out and comparing them to Saturday afternoon's postgame.

On to the links, folks.

Steve Sipple of the LJS thinks that Tim Beck's offense needs to, in no certain terms, keep it simple. I don't necessarily agree with this statement, as being TOO simple and such seemed to be an issue on Saturday. But then again, that's just a part of the problem.

Sipple also took issue with Tommie Frazier's comments on Saturday afternoon.

Sam McKewon of the OWH says that the "process" isn't stopping blowout losses from happening to his program.

In a early version of Dirk Chatelain's Mad Chatter, he talked about what he saw of the Huskers from a TV at Kyle Field.

Patrick Vint of SBNation noticed one thing about Bo Pelini on Saturday: cliches.

Dan Wolken of USA Today put the Huskers on the top of his Misery Index for week 3. Yes, above Mack Brown and Texas. He said a lot about Bo Pelini, including this piece:

The common perception about fans is that their happiness is related to wins and losses. But it's really about trajectory. Is there a tangible difference between a football program that wins eight games and nine? Between playing in the Alamo Bowl or the Music City Bowl? Of course not.

As it is, the bloated bowl system and ability to schedule four cupcakes per year has made it so that any coach or athletics director can claim a "successful" season by putting another tchotchke in the trophy case. But fans aren't that dumb, and no matter how a coach wants to present his record, what truly matters is whether fans believe the program is progressing, whether fans can envision something better than what they're seeing today.

And once a coach has lost that, it becomes hard to rationalize what would seem to be decent results on the surface.

Which brings us to Nebraska and the curious case of Bo Pelini. By almost every metric, Pelini is doing fine at Nebraska. He's 51-21 as a head coach, has won or tied for first in his division four times in five years and has finished in the top-25 each of the last four years.

But at some point, if you're a Nebraska fan, you have to ask, "What exactly are we doing here?"

Many reached that point before Saturday, when UCLA came into Lincoln and won 41-21 despite trailing by 18 points early. That's a 38-point turnaround, which encompassed a thorough de-pantsing of Nebraska's defense, which is supposed to be Pelini's specialty (he made his name as a defensive coordinator at LSU, helping win the national title in 2007). Ever since fielding defenses led by Ndamukong Suh in 2008 and 2009, Nebraska has slipped noticeably on that side of the ball.

Meanwhile, Pelini's individual records are as follows: 9-4, 10-4, 10-4, 9-4 and 10-4, and the truth is Nebraska hasn't been a legitimate factor nationally in any of those seasons. Nebraska football is supposed to be better than that, and right now it's just not. But the bigger potential problem for Pelini is showing no signs it will get there.

That's why the Cornhuskers are an easy choice for No. 1 in this week's edition of the Misery Index.

Alright.. enough Nebraska for this morning, it's not going away. So now, lets go national a bit no?

Did the officiating blow the game for Wisconsin versus Arizona St? On one hand, they didn't set the ball for play till it was too late. On the other hand, Joel Stave simply didn't spike the ball, he took a knee (which doesn't stop the clock, see the victory formation at the end of almost every game) and there was no sense of urgency from the Badger players.

Mack Brown honestly sounded completely defeated at his postgame presser Saturday night. His only bright spot on the whole night is that Texas still has a chance to win the Big 12 conference. However, even if that happens, it may not save him in December.

Jerry Kill had another seizure on the sidelines of TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday. It's not out of line to wonder if that's going to make Kill stop coaching sometime soon.

Akron almost knocked off Michigan. The Maize n Brew folks aren't pleased. Penn St., on the other hand, let one go against Central Florida.

Virginia Tech..... please no.

For those of you in Fargo.... College Gameday, eh?

Texas A&M hung 42 points and over 500 yards of offense on Nick Saban's D, and still lost.

Week 2 in the NFL schedule had a lot going on. It ends with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati tonight on MNF.

Today's birthdays include Nick Jonas, B.B. King, David Copperfield, Jennifer Tilly, and Marc Anthony.

Today is Mexican Independence Day, as well as National Cinnamon Bread Day and National Play Doh Day.

This weekend has felt very radioactive. So, to honor that, your song of the day is...

(thanks Vevo)

Hope you all enjoy your day today, folks.