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Cobs of the Week: Huskers, Huskers, Huskers, Wisconsin/ASU Refs, Mrs. Bert, and Texas

If Texas loses on the Longhorn Network and nobody sees it, does it really count?
If Texas loses on the Longhorn Network and nobody sees it, does it really count?
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to once again nominate the worst of the week in college football with the Cob of the Week. As much as we love to dish it out, we have to take it when our Huskers drop a turd into the college football punchbowl... so we'll see a heavy representation of Nebraska here. In fact, it's so heavy that we're don't really have room for the back judge who forgot which side of the north uprights he was on for that UCLA field goal attempt. I was sitting behind the uprights, following the ball as it missed, so I didn't even pay any attention to the referee signalling it good. It wasn't until my wife interrupted my cheering to ask how the heck the field goal was good that I had realized that the ref had screwed up. Thank goodness for instant replay.

Otherwise, Nebraska would have lost by 23.

Now for our honorees:

Nebraska Defense

504 yards and 41 points given up, and a trail of broken tackles in the second half. It's kind of like Groundhog Day, only the opponent's jersey keeps changing. Let's hope Bo Pelini finally gets Andie McDowell soon...

Nebraska Offense

Starting late in the second quarter, Nebraska went three-and-out on four out of five drives. UCLA scored four touchdowns on the succeeding drives. Just 331 yards of offense on the day. We knew the defense was going to have growing pains, but we hoped the offense could cover for some of them. Against the Bruins, the offense probably instigated the avalanche, as Tim Beck said afterwards.

Bo Pelini and His Assistants

Bo Pelini said it was all execution. Again. He's probably right. But here's the deal. He's paid a whopping salary to be the head coach and make this team execute. It's long past time to do it. If he or his assistants can't do it, then he needs to find someone who can. Nobody should be advocating rash, immediate changes in personnel (Gerg Robinson, anybody?) ... but patience is starting to run thin. He wasn't helped by Tim Beck's play calling, which was Callahan-esque in terms of dysfunction. If Beck wants to be a head coach, he has a funny way of building a resume.

Wisconsin/Arizona State Referees

Granted, Joel Stave's decision to place the ball at the spot he wanted a game winning field goal attempt snapped from was pretty brain-dead, but there's no excuse to let the final 15 seconds of the game run out while Arizona State's defensive tackles wallow on top of the ball like a teenage boy and his pillow. In case you haven't see it yet:

Jen Bielema

Mrs. Bert stayed up late in the double wide, watching all of the players her hubby recruited over the last few years. She had one word to say to those young men.

Yeah, she's fitting in well in the Ozarks.


Down on the 40 Acres, the gang at Burnt Orange Nation are "comfortably numb" as the Bovines dropped to 1-2 with a home loss to 'Ole Miss... a team they hung 66 points on last season. But other than the folks at Darrell K. Royal Stadium, nobody else really saw it since it was televised on the Longhorn Network.

See! There was a good reason for Texas to have their own network! So does this make Texas the new Colorado?

So who gets the cob this week for the worst of this weekend?