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Perhaps a giant asteroid....

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, I'd say this is an overreaction but today I'm not completely sure.

Nebraska lead 21-3 earlier in this game and things looked like a blow out, but then for some inexplicable reason, the Huskers stopped on offense. It could be that they stopped running the ball (WE'LL HAVE TO LOOK AT THE TAPE), or it could be that they thought that game was over and they could all go have some hot ham and cheese sandwiches in the room next to the stadium.

I have no idea (YES I DO, WE STOPPED RUNNING THE BALL) why Nebraska lost this game, but at least we can spend the rest of the day hoping that everyone else's world burns down.

Johnny Football or Alabama? Best choice - an asteroid passes too close to the stadium and everyone turns into a zombie in which case the whole state of Alabama is quarantined because that's how it works.

So... welcome to the rest of the day.

I like kittens.