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Nebraska Leads UCLA 21-10 At Half

Nebraska leads UCLA 21-10 at half time. The Husker defense has played well, and Taylor Martinez threw three touchdown passes in the first half. To win this game, Nebraska's offense needs to continue to score.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska goes into the second half of the UCLA game with a 21-10 lead at half time.

At half, Taylor Martinez is 11-of-16 for 116 yards and 3 TDs. Ameer Adbullah leads rushing with 15 carries for 55 yards, but the big news of the first half has been Nebraska' defense, which has been playing much better so far than last year's game in the Rose Bowl.

Nebraska held a 21-3 lead, but gave up a touchdown on a nice second quarter drive by UCLA after Brett Hundley scrambled for a first down pick up on a 3rd and 12. UCLA scored a few plays later after a big pass play moved the ball into scoring position.

Nebraska has been out-gained by UCLA by 10 yards the first half, but Nebraska's offense has been incredibly efficient. Martinez - three TD passes in the first half.

UCLA is going to get their yardage. They're going to score. To win this game, Nebraska's offense has to keep the foot on the gas and continue to score. While the defense has been better, and largely contained UCLA's run game, it is incumbent upon the Husker offense to continue to score!