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Nebraska vs UCLA: The Game We've Waited For

Nebraska meets UCLA in a battle of ranked teams, both wanting to prove they're worthy of ranks and moving up the charts!

David McGee

It's here! The game we've waited for! The game we've anticipated! The game we're afraid of?

Whatever you are, here it is. Time to put up or shut up on both sides of the ball.

Date/Time: Saturday, Sept. 14, 11:00 a.m. CT

Location: Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, NebraskaCapacity: 87,000
Surface: FieldTurf
Series Record: Nebraska leads, 6-5
In Lincoln: Nebraska leads, 4-1
Special Events: Tommie Frazier On-Campus Salute for College HOF, Berringer Scholarship Presentation, Teammates

Announcers: Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman, Shannon Spake

Radio: Huskers sports radio network

Weather: Around 68 degrees at kickoff. Partly Cloudy.

Odds: Nebraska favored by 6.5

As for me - I have faith that Nebraska will win this game. The Nebraska offense has more weapons than the UCLA offense. The Nebraska defense will not fail in front of their home crowd - as long as the Husker team can depend on the home crowd.

We talk about teams a lot, the statistics, the players, but if Nebraska's fans can feed this team full of energy, especially the defense who needs it most, then the Huskers will prevail.

When I was young, I read about King Arthur. I loved those stories - his Knights of the Round Table. They were glorious tales, but there was one thing that stood out to me. King Arthur and the Sword - the tie between them. As long as they were together and true, no one could defeat them.

Today - the same is true about Nebraska's crowd and the team. If we expect to be the best fans ever, it's time to rally behind this team, this defense, and support them.

If that's cheese, then let it be a damned mighty cheese.