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Will Husker Fans Black Out the Sea of Red Against UCLA?

The students are planning to wear black against UCLA. What about the rest of the fans? If you are going to the game, are you going to wear black?

Eric Francis

When adidas and Nebraska revealed the Huskers' black "Unrivaled" alternate uniform for the UCLA game, it took less than 20 minutes for one of our members to ask the big question in the comments.

Here’s THE question – does the program/student section/fanbase call for a blackout that week?

--- thehooch36

Well, the students started the call last week:

And now quarterback Taylor Martinez and graduate assistant Joe Ganz have joined in the call.

So the students are going to do it, but what about the rest of the stadium? Is Aunt Minnie from Central City really going to rock the black on Saturday?

Let's ignore the first, and obvious, complaint that black is somehow not a school color. Yes, the official colors are scarlet and cream. But 50 years ago, Mike Corgan was sent to a Lincoln sporting goods store to pick up some practice jerseys. This was back in the days when Nebraska had to pay for their uniforms, as opposed to today, where adidas pays Nebraska to wear their gear. And being a cheapskate, Corgan cut a deal for some black jerseys.

The tradition was born as the media picked up on the "Black Shirts" theme that season... and it's been a part of Nebraska football tradition ever since.

With temperatures expected to be in the 70's (and a chance of rain), heat shouldn't enter into the discussion about wearing black. The heat from the last couple of weeks should have acclimated every Husker fan to be ready to wear black. So really, there's only one excuse left to not wear black this Saturday.

Not having any black Husker gear.

I've got plenty of Husker gear. Some of it has bits of black in it, as an accent color. But I only have a couple of t-shirts that are black. And they are old.

How old?


This old.

Yeah, I think I have a couple of these buried in the bottom of my drawer. Will I wear this on Saturday? I haven't decided yet. It'll probably be a gameday morning decision.

What about you? Are you joining the Blackout of the Sea of Red this Saturday?