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Thursday's Corn Flakes: Cooler Temps Will Prevail On Saturday

Today's links include changes to Memorial Stadium policy, as well as a tour of Nebraska's Equipment Room in Memorial Stadium

He's gotta chill, man.
He's gotta chill, man.
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to your Thursday. Sounds like it was pretty rainy and cooler in Lincoln yesterday and that it's going to stay like that throughout the weekend. Which is good, because a lot of folks were weary of wearing black at 11am with the way the last 2 kickoffs have had a fair amount of heat. More on that in a moment, but now on to the goods of the day!

Yesterday at Corn Nation, Jon crunched some numbers for the Nebraska/UCLA game, while Mike brought back his preseason Bruins preview.

A nice little behind the scenes by the NU equipment guys on what their equipment room looks like:

(thanks Huskers AD)

And hey, while we're at team things, Nebrasketball!

OOH... a visitor for Saturday!

Powell is a Miami verbal, and most Canes folks don't expect a flip. However, it's nice to get at least the effort out there. Nebraska will also be hosting 4 star DT Ricky Walker from Virginia. Walker is a heavy Virginia Tech lean, but the possibility to let him realize what Nebraska needs at his position could help.

Remember when I talked up top about cooler weather? That will make one change happen as far as stadium policy goes:

Also, speaking of that whole wearing black thing that Taylor Martinez tweeted about the other day...

Aw. That's no fun, UNL.

Ndamukong Suh just got popped $100k from the NFL for his stupidity on the field. He did some dumb stuff off of it too. Sigh.

In this report from the Journal Star, we learn that Thad Randle's knee is good, and Jordan Westerkamp is wanting more catches.

Tom Shatel at the Omaha WH says the 1993 Huskers taught the team how to win again. Meanwhile, Jon Nyatawa talks about Vincent Valentine becoming the cog in the middle the D Line sorely needed.

Steve Spurrier has had "issues" with Ron Morris of the State about how Morris has covered South Carolina football through the years. Spurrier has now had Morris banned from writing about USC football, while making the paper hire a self appointed "superfan" to replace Morris on the Gamecock Football beat.

Yahoo must have felt upset about SI breaking news, and decided to drop that former Alabama O Lineman DJ Fluker took money, along with former Tennessee QB Tyler Bray, and a few other SEC players. Nick Saban was asked about the report, and responded with the reaction you would imagine Saban would have.

Oh Mack Brown, not like this my man. Not after you get the dreaded "vote of confidence".

Speaking of Texas, David Ash isn't probably going to play versus Ole Miss.

Ohio State folks think that Kenny Guiton should be starting versus Cal and not Braxton Miller.

For those that wonder about where College Football is recruiting and getting players from, here ya go.

One word for this link: Schadenfreude.

If you have Mark Sanchez in your fantasy league, SELL NOW!!

Today's birthdays include Jennifer Hudson, Yao Ming (he's only 32!), Ruben Studdard, and Louis CK.

Today is Fortune Cookie Day, as well as International Chocolate Day, and Positive Thinking Day. Look, a day for you #TeamSunshine folks!

Today's song? #MOTORIN

(thanks SisterChristianVevo)

Enjoy your day folks.