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Corn Nation LIVE: UCLA Week

Time to get ready to bring your takes to the CN staff.

Eric Francis

GREETINGS and welcome to Corn Nation Live.

SBNation, along with Blog Talk Radio, are bringing you a chance to interact with the CN staff in a live format.

I am hosting Corn Nation Live tonight on BlogTalkRadio, starting at 7pm this evening.

If you want to call into the show, feel free of course. We ask that you are ready to talk to the hosts, and not use foul/abusive language, or else we will just let you go.

The number to call us is 646-716-8559. We will take calls, so don't be afraid to give us a buzz.

Topics could include:

- Nebraska's win over Southern Miss.
- Is there a revenge factor versus UCLA?
- Nebraska recruiting and how it looks.
- Are you pumped for Nebrasketball?

When 7pm arrives, hit play on the player and take a listen!

The plan is to have a show every week (looking at Tuesdays) through at least the football season, maybe even through Nebrasketball season and into the spring season.

Bear with us if we hiccup at all, this is new to us too.