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DeTasseling The Huskers, Episode 45: UCLA Rides In, Southern Miss Smackdown

Greg and Brian laud about the Southern Miss game, while taking in the UCLA news of the week about Nick Pasquale, and alternate uniforms.

Eric Francis

Greg and Brian talk alternate uniforms for this weekend. Also, the guys look back at Southern Miss and even comment on an op-ed piece by our friends at Tunnel Walk of Shame.

The duo touch on the loss of UCLA scout team wide out Nick Pasquale, and the insensitivity of some UCLA beat writer in Mora's Monday presser.

It''s time for the litmus test this Saturday. ARE YOU N???

For those that didn't see the Jim Mora press conference, here ya go.

(thanks Edward Lewis/BSR)

We didn't take many questions for the podcast this week, but we want to thank Erik Burkhart on twitter for his questions for the podcast.

Do you have questions for the DtH podcast? Well, don't just keep them in, we want to hear them! So take your questions and find Greg and/or Brian on twitter, and Corn Nation on both Facebook and twitter to get your questions into the guys and they will answer them in the following week's podcast.