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Corn Nation Power Poll: Week 2

Our crack staff put our heads together yet again and came up with this weeks rankings of all the Big Ten teams. Every single one.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

We've made it through the first two week of the season and things are starting to take shape. Our top six remained the same, only Nebraska and Penn State switched spots. This week's big mover is Illinois, in large part to Salt Creek putting the Illini in his #2 spot. I'm sure he'll explain his reasoning for that in the comments. No team got unanimous votes in any spot, though Purdue came close getting all but one vote in the last slot.

Team Prev Total
Michigan (7) 1 128
Ohio State (4) 2 119
Northwestern 3 109
Wisconsin 3 98
Nebraska 6 89
Penn State 5 79
Illinois 10 59
Minnesota 9 53
Michigan State 7 53
Iowa 11 31
Indiana 8 28
Purdue 12 12

Cobby dropped by, too to give his rankings, but he's hit a bit of a funk as the realization that harvest is coming soon is setting in. His effort this week, well, it's not his most inspired effort. It was basically a sabotage mission trying to inflate the Huskers standing. I WON'T STAND FOR IT!

Team Prev Total
Nebraska N 12
Minnesota L 11
Indiana A 10
Purdue O 9
Michigan State K 8
Illinois L 7
Penn State S 6
Northwestern R 5
Wisconsin A 4
Michigan B 3
Ohio State E 2
Iowa :( 1