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Tuesday's Flakes: Remembering Nick Pasquale On Both Sides

Links today include UCLA coverage leading up to Saturday, along with the trainwreck at Texas.

Before Rivers broke their hearts in San Diego last night.
Before Rivers broke their hearts in San Diego last night.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Tuesday folks.

Thanks to JLew for filling in for me yesterday. I had to work the Dallas/NYGiants game on Sunday night, and getting into the homestead late didn't really set well with me doing the Flakes. Hat tip to you, Jason.

Yesterday at CN, we had our nominations for Cob of the Week, along with Ty taking a look at the Volleyball opener for the Devaney Center.

Our man Jesse Collins over at Off Tackle Empire gives his preview of Nebraska/UCLA this coming Saturday.

A few things from the LJS today, on Tim Beck and the offense wanting to find the "finishing touches" it lacked last year versus UCLA, while Bo joked about hoping UCLA would leave their skill guys home in the Monday presser.

Sam McKewon of the OWH talked about the younger kids that can make a difference, especially on Defense this year vs. last year's UCLA game, while the players are really pumped about the black alternate uniforms.

Lot of things from the SBNation UCLA community Bruin Nation today: Jim Mora gave a stare that could have killed most humans to a NBC LA cameraman that wouldn't be quiet at his presser, while Mora did come back and finish his presser with an emotional discussion about fallen WR Nick Pasquale.

The Huskers are going to honor Pasquale also:

Texas replaced ousted DC Manny Diaz with former Syracuse HC and RichRod DC Greg Robinson after the Longhorns were nuked to the tune of 550 yards of rushing against BYU on Saturday evening. The reaction of the hiring to replace the firing is being met with some serious skepticism, as you could imagine.

Remember when Sports Illustrated was going to nuke Alabama this week, only it became Oklahoma State somehow? Well, the first "report" is due Tuesday. Prepare yourself accordingly.

Pretty good game for early control of the SEC East this weekend, as Texas A&M hosts Alabama. If you're completely tired of knowing what Johnny Manziel is doing, DON'T LOOK HERE.

Bad news for my darkhorse Big 12 champion selection, as TCU is going to lose QB Casey Pachall for about the next 8 weeks. Unlike last year's issues however, this is for a broken left arm.

Lane Kiffin is in pretty deep, simmering water at USC after his loss to Washington State at home Saturday night. While Kiffin is being Kiffykins in naming his Quarterback for this week, there are some names that are popping up to replace him.

Besides Kiffin, there are some other coaches in the warm water baths so far. HI MACK.

The original reason Notre Dame wanted to take Michigan off the schedule? They wanted to play Texas instead. Speaking of Michigan, are they this year's Notre Dame?

Week 1 of the NFL season is fully in the books. The Eagles did Chip Kelly things in the NFL and took the Redskins by complete surprise, while San Diego pulled a San Diego and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Houston.

The Pittsburgh Pirates won their 82nd game of the season, a 1-0 nail biter against the Texas Rangers on Monday evening. Why is this important? The Pirates just secured their first winning season in the last 20 years.

Today's celebrations of birth include Arnold Palmer, Colin Firth, Ryan Phillippe, Randy Johnson, and Joey Votto.

Today is International Creepy Boston Dynamics Robotic Horse Day, as well as National Make Up Day, and National TV Dinner Day.

James Stevenson gave me a hint about the new Arcade Fire, so here ya go.

(thanks ArcadeFireVevo)

The podcast comes later today, so have a great day folks.