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Corn Flakes: Do Not Use This Helmet To Butt, Ram or Spear


It's Friday and I should have gone to bed at least an hour ago, but here's a full page of completely random stuff.

Kenneth Jarecke's photography book Husker Game Day 2010 - Farewell Big 12 will be available on Amazon for $9.99 until August 15th. It is a gorgeous book at a bargain price. BUY IT.

There's a Husker Kickoff Party with the Sidetrack Band on August 24th at the Castle Barrett in Omaha. All proceeds will go to benefit the Team Jack Foundation. I wonder when the day will come that all Husker events are benefits of some kind. That's not a complaint, merely an observation.

Why the Big Ten is the Best Conference in Basketball - BT Powerhouse

The beautiful thing about the Big Ten is that its best days are probably in the past, but it is entering a new renaissance. It produced legends like John Wooden, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, and Bobby Knight, but it also had the highest conference RPI in all of college basketball last year.

Predicting the 2013 Offensive Line Output | mgoblog

Stanford and Alabama are certainly two programs who look a lot like Hoke’s vision for Michigan both in terms of style and outcomes. History says that in general this roster is still another year away, but based on three teams with offensive lines similar to Michigan, the true unveiling of the Borges offense could come this year.

Check out what mgoblog has to say about the offensive line at Michigan.

The value of an elite cornerback - Football Study Hall

How do collegiate defenses maximize the value of elite cornerbacks? Will Ciante Evans be "elite" by the end of the season?

Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney top SI's 2013 Preseason All-Americas - College Football -

SI.COM - Spencer Long makes the preseason second team All-America team!

Big Ten Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2013 |

Nebraska is Nebraska — with people wearing those stupid hats.

Coaches talking anonymously. Mostly nice things to say about each other and encouraging Nebraska fans to wear more stupid hats.

The Press-Citizen Is Abandoning Iowa Sports, And That's Awful News - Black Heart Gold Pants

The reins of get handed over to the Des Moines Register, and bad times are likely to follow.

Imagine if the guys were all laid off and the reporting were left up to Omaha newspapers. The state would riot, eh? There's obvious jokes to be made about Iowa sports here, but this is sad. More testament to the newspaper industry's death spiral.

Report: Wisconsin vs. LSU to open 2014, 2016 - Bucky's 5th Quarter

After months of dancing, the Bayou Bengals and the Badgers look like they're finally going to meet. This will be interesting - another Big Ten vs SEC match up.

The 2013 college football Dumb Memes Preview: 10 arguments we're already sick of -

From the new ejections rule to Johnny Football, it's time to prepare for another college football season filled with yelling.

One of those 10 arguments is this:

10. That ejection decided the game!

There's no doubt that the new targeting rules place refs in the position of having to make oft-subjective, high-impact decisions when deciding whether to toss players. However, the overreaction to the impact of these decisions is inevitable. It's a virtual certainty that at least one coach will blame a loss in part on an ejection, and a media storm will result.

I'm going to disagree with the word "overreaction". Every team has star players - can you imagine Kenny Bell getting ejected and having to sit out a full game because of a referee's single call? Remember that if they're ejected in the second half of a game, they sit out the first half of the following game.

The impact could be quite severe, including costing your favorite player a shot at a high-profile award. You have to wonder if teams are going to be built around depth more than stardom in the future.

BTW, here's a sticker from a Riddell high school football helmet, a little blurry, but you get the idea.


Music? You Want Music?

Fishbone - the best live band I've ever seen and it's not even close. Certainly the best band to play at the old Drumstick in Lincoln.