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Wednesday's Corn Flakes/Practice Report From August 6th

24 days to kickoff.

... did some good things...
... did some good things...

Well look here, we have post practice stuff from Tuesday evening! Heck, we even have pre practice stuff. Since I'm not really into copying and pasting a practice report, I'll give you the skinny in the tweets I saw, plus anything I feel the urge to add in. (Note, it may not all be sunshine).

Lot of love pre and post practice for Gregory, who can be seen in this photo gallery from 247. Two hour practice, no pads per NCAA rule, but that will come today for most of the players.

Well of course it was. Moving on...

I get that Bo isn't going to say "Well we are terrible, so I don't get what we're going to do here". However, this is going to be one of those things that I will have to be won over on the field with.

This is good to see, as Pat Smith is slated to help Foltz with the kicking duties that Brett Maher left open after graduation. I do believe that it's Smith's job to lose, because you don't just transfer to sit on the bench. However, this is something to watch between Mauro Bondi and Smith.

This is interesting to me, as I have seen that Max Pirman has moved from LB to TE. Along with Cethan Carter, Sam Cotton and Greg Hart, there's some opportunity for a few folks to get into the #1 Tight End spot.

Mixon, along with Marcus Newby, are not listed on the 105 man roster.

Odd that Armstrong had this procedure done so close to camp, unless it had just popped up. Have to wonder how much work Johnny Stanton will get with Tommy sitting. Unless Stanton does enough to go around both Armstrong and Ron Kellogg III, I still think he's redshirting.

Bo quotes? Okay, fine:

Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini addressed the media after practice, noting that he thinks the team has had two great first days of practice.

"I thought we have had two good days obviously no pads with the way the NCAA lays it out but the energy has been good and we have gotten a lot of things accomplished over the first couple of days." Pelini said, "I like where we are right now, I like the enthusiasm, the execution has been pretty good and we have been getting a lot of guys’ reps."

A newcomer fans might want to get accustomed to being on the field is juco-transfer defensive end Randy Gregory. Gregory a product of Arizona Western Community college in Yuma, Ariz., was a top recruit for the Huskers 2013 recruiting class, and so far has impressed Pelini at practice.

"Randy has looked good the first two days, obviously we are practicing in shorts but he is obviously is swimming a little mentally out there, but he can play." Pelini said, "I think he (Gregory) showed up in-shape and he hasn’t struggled at all as far as his conditioning is concerned."

Pelini also mentioned that freshman quarterback Johnny Stanton’s knee is fine, and has done some good things but, "obviously has a long-long way to go."

Nebraska lost seven starters from last year’s defense and is breaking in a number of new faces, but don’t count Pelini among those that are concerned about the Blackshirts.

"They are going to play good football when we kick off, I have every confidence—I like what I have seen with the defense so far." Pelini said, "You guys are the ones concerned about the defense, not me. We’ll be fine."

/Wisconsin scores

In other links today....

Yesterday here at the homebase, James did a little analysis of how Nebraska season tickets broke down as far as donations and supply/demand after the East Stadium expansion, while Mike gave us the goods on Michigan.

Chris Mahr over at Lost Lettermen wonders if Taylor Martinez can finally win over Nebraska fans in his final year.

Good news... Nebraska isn't out of the title chase! (yet)

You can be judged on your offer letter to kids. There are some good ones (Nebraska's fall into this) and there are bad ones too. Here are examples of both. Take note of the stipulations of the Texas letter.

To say that Jay Bilas flat out owned the NCAA on Tuesday is underselling it. BIlas went onto the NCAA shop page and could type in names of current players and get their school/number to come up. The NCAA reacted by disabling the search function on the page, but the damage was already done.

Beano Cook will be remembered for a long time at his beloved Pitt.

Interesting that former Heisman winner Desmond Howard is considering joining the O'Bannon lawsuit against EA Sports and the NCAA.

ESPN Gameday will be heading to Clemson for the season opening week, as the Tigers take on Georgia. Also, a four hour show?

I honestly can't believe this hasn't happened yet, but John Elway's #7 jersey will be retired by Stanford during halftime of the Oregon game on November 7th. Look for that game to be huge already.

Bo Pelini isn't the only Youngstown coach with issues at D line, as Bob Stoops has already lost a couple at Oklahoma.

Birthdays on Wednesday include Sidney Crosby, Charlize Theron, Mike Trout (SERIOUSLY), Garrison Keillor, and Tobin Bell (google his voice).

Today is Professional Speakers Day, as well as Purple Heart Day and National Lighthouse Day.

Great, GREAT podcast lined up for you today. If it works out, you'll love it.

Enjoy Hump Day everyone.