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Tuesday's Corn Flakes

25 days to kickoff (I was wrong yesterday, sorry)

Is this guy in the news?
Is this guy in the news?
Jonathan Daniel

YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT PRACTICE REPORTS, SEE? Well if you can't, put out this little diddy about practice last night. Pretty generic, but no pads and the first time for the year, it's alright. Nebraska won't win or lose a game because we didn't get a report last night, I promise.

I went on with the JoeInBugaha show last night again, and I went for 30 minutes plus on College Football, among other things. The podcast is here if you wish to listen, I went on about 9:30 and the show started at 9, I'll leave that to you to find.

Nebraska will practice once again at 6:45 at North Stadium. There will be pre-practice filming of some stuff, and Bo himself will address the media after practice. No more media till Thursday evening when Tim Beck and John Papuchis talk, along with some selected players.

I hinted this last week, but it's official now that former Husker signee Ernest Suttles will be attending Miami after redshirting this season.

In the daily recruiting reminder, elevenwarriors has Nebraska ranked 9th in the B1G this week.

Do you want a authentic Nebraska alternative helmet from the UCLA game and have a lot of money you don't want or need? Here ya go.

I know a lot of you are begging for Hard Knocks to come out to see Rex Burkhead's journey with the Bengals. Here's a preview from Cincy Jungle.

It wasn't a slow news day by any means, so lets get to the jist of those...

Johnny Football's story just won't go away.

I don't really condone Northwestern videos, but this is one of the best Iowa trolls I've seen in a while. So yes, please go check it out.

Speaking of the Hawkeyes, Iowa State will wear these against Iowa for the Cy-Hawk game.

Notre Dame is breaking out the adidas crayons for their game at Cowboys ATT Stadium against Arizona State in Arlington. These are not terrible, really.

I got to be honest in that I have no flipping clue how LSU RB Jeremy Hunt was allowed back on the Tigers football team after the video of what he did to a person in a parking lot.

TCU lost Joel Hasley, who was going to start for the Frogs. Gary Patterson's D is going to be tested with a great offense.

Major League Baseball handed out their Biogenesis suspensions, hitting Alex Rodriguez the hardest. That doesn't matter though, he still played Monday night and went 1-4 as the White Sox smashed the Yankees.

If you're going to a NFL game this year, you are going to want to check out the new stadium bag policy. This is in effect for not only guests to NFL games this year, but also to stadium employees.

Hey you soccer heads, Clint Dempsey is now a MLS player, as somehow Seattle got him.

The Phoenix Coyotes finally got sold. Finally.

I've seen a lot of bad breaks in the bowling world. This is a new one, and I'm glad it was Troy Walker that this happened to, because I don't know how I would have handled this.

Today's birthdays include Soleil Moon Frye, David Robinson, Mike Greenberg, and Robin Van Persie.

Here's some Coldplay for your Tuesday morning:

(thanks Vevo)

Some good stuff lined up today, so be ready folks.

Have a great Tuesday.