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Corn Flakes: College Football Arrives - State of The Corn Nation

College football started with plenty of action, and some things you need to know about your favorite Cornhusker web site.

Indiana students probably wore themselves out with all the points they scored
Indiana students probably wore themselves out with all the points they scored
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Games have been played! College football arrived again Thursday night, ending a long, horrid offseason.

I was going to write a "State of the Corn Nation" article as a separate piece, but in the process of putting off I find myself caught in a real world, real job crisis, trying to juggle between the needs of the site and the needs of life.

Bottom line - this will be short.

We're growing, a lot. If you're just getting back to us now that the season is starting, here's what's happened recently:

- We've added two new writers, Ty Peteranetz, who will be writing about Husker volleyball, and Nathaniel Perlow, who will be helping us cover women's basketball, non-revenue sports, and probably add to the football coverage we already have.

- There's been a recent change in that we've had to institute a 24-hour waiting period to activate accounts. What this means is this - if you create a new account at Corn Nation, you'll have to wait 24 hours before you can post. This is the first time we've done this, and it was done out of necessity and not without a good deal of hesitation on my part.

- We've put together an editorial calendar and will have good coverage every day of the week from here on out, so be sure to check the site daily!

Now, on to some links!

UConn vs. Towson final score: Tigers stun Huskies 33-18 on Opening Night -
Towson completes the season's first big shocker, and UConn coach Paul Pasqualoni's seat just got warmer.

Utah State vs. Utah 2013 final score: Utes overcome explosive Aggies' offense -

Utah State's Chuckie Keeton-led offense was downright brilliant at times, but Utah was resourceful enough to pick up a season-opening victory.

GIF: Jadeveon Clowney taken down by UNC shot to back of knee -

South Carolina's star defensive end had a generally underwhelming season-opener, but he was still unnecessarily taken out on a late hit by a UNC defender.

UNC Tar Heels at South Carolina Gamecocks: Gamecocks Convincingly Defeat Heels - Garnet And Black Attack
The Battle for the Carolinas ended well for South Carolina, with the Gamecocks wining 27-10 over the UNC Tar Heels. It wasn't exactly a flawless performance, but I was generally impressed by how we...

Note that Javedeon Clowney didn't exactly have a great night. It was probably the only time in history a player's Heisman Trophy candidacy ended on his first night on the field.

Minnesota Football Struggles Early Puts Away UNLV in 2nd Half - The Daily Gopher

Minnesota got a nice win and plenty of points, knocking off UNLV 51-23.

EARLY HIT | Football | Sports GIFs
ANIMATED: Here’s the extremely dirty hit that got an Indiana State player ejected.

Indiana gave up 28 points mostly because of some silly mistakes, but they ended up destroying Indiana State 73-35. They had 42 points with nine minutes left in the second quarter. The game was ugly at some points, including the nasty cheap shot linked above. And then this:

Bob Devaney To Be Immortalized By Statue At Memorial Stadium - Corn Nation

Bob Devaney was known for his fiery Irish temper, his humor, and was a "man about town" as well as a legendary football coach. What will his statue look like? It's to be unveiled today at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.

Football season is finally here
You can stop watching those old games on ESPN Classic now, and you can finally delete those games still saved on your DVR from last fall.

Hey, anyone else notice that Bo Pelini didn't have any blow ups about how poorly the team was practicing this year? He's named preseason captains, he's given out Blackshirts, he's calm. WHO IS THIS GUY?