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Fact Book: Wyoming

They're high fallutin', rootin' tootin' sons of guns from old Wyoming!

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Give me the basics.

Location: Laramie, Wyoming (Pop. 30,938)

Program Founded: 1893

Nickname: Cowboys

Colors: Brown and Gold

Conference: Mountain West Conference (Mountain Division)

Field & Stadium: Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium (1950)

Capacity 29,181 (From 2013 Media Guide)

Are they on the internet?

How did the team look going into 2013?


Who are their coaches?

Head Coach: Dave Christensen (2009)

Assistant Coaches (Years at WYO):

  • AHC/Co-OC/RB: Pete Kaligis (5th)
  • Co-OC/OL: Jim Harding (5th)
  • DC/S: Chris Tormey (2nd)
  • ST/LB: Robin Ross (2nd)
  • DL: Jamar Cain (1st)
  • TE/HB: Nick Danielson (2nd)
  • QB: Jason Gesser (1st)
  • CB: Renaldo Hill (2nd)
  • WR: Derek Sage (4th)

Other Positions:

  • Recruiting: Matt Rahl (5th) - Why doesn't Nebraska have one of these?
  • Player Personnel: Danilo Robinson (3rd)
  • Football Operations: Brent Vernon (5th)


How's their record looking so far? How did it look in 2012?

This is their first game of the 2013 season. So everything's pretty rosy! 2012, not so much.

2012 Record: 4-8 (3-5 Mountain West)

Overall (F/+): 100

Overall Offense Defense
FEI 94 51 114
S&P 97 87 102

All-Time Record: 498-533-28 (0.470)

National Titles: 0

Conference Championships: 14 (7 Mountain State, 7 Western Athletic)

Bowl Record: 6-7-0 (Last Bowl Game: 2009 New Mexico Bowl vs Fresno State)


Have they ever played Nebraska before?

They have faced Nebraska six times. They have never won. In fact, the last time a head coach from Wyoming won a game in Lincoln, he was Nebraska's head coach. This year's game is the first time Wyoming has traveled to Lincoln in 19 years.

All-Time Record vs Nebraska: 0-6-0

Date Site Result NU Rank/Opp Attendance
9/24/2011 Laramie W 38-14 9/ 32,617
10/1/1994 Lincoln W 42-32 2/ 75,333
9/8/1984 Lincoln W 42-7 2/ 76,125
9/10/1983 Lincoln W 56-20 1/ 76,016
9/14/1968 Lincoln W 13-10 14/ 66,922
9/29/1934 Lincoln W 50-0 No Data No Data

*Table Information and links obtained from

Last Meeting: 2011 in Laramie; Nebraska won 38-14.


What makes Wyoming special?

Mascots and Nicknames:

Wyoming's mascot is "Pistol Pete", a student dressed up like a cowboy. UW Athletics also features "Cowboy Joe", a pony primarily present at football games. Pistol Pete roams the sidelines and stands entertaining fans of all ages. The athletic teams are cheered on by the school song "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" and the fight song "Fight, Wyoming, Fight". Men's athletic teams are known as "Cowboys" and women's teams are called "Cowgirls". Teams of either gender are also referred to as "Pokes", short for Cowpokes.

- From the Wikipedia entry on Wyoming Cowboys/Cowgirls

They also apparently fire off a cannon after every point scored.

Let's hit the tape.

I actually couldn't find a video of Cowboy Joe IV or V. Here's a link for some information.

When it says "a student dressed up as a cowboy" I anticipated something like West Virginia's Mountaineer. Not a spawn of Lil' Red.
Fight Song(s):

"Ragtime Cowboy Joe"

He always sings raggy music to his cattle as he swings

Back and forward in his saddle on a horse (pretty good horse!)

He's a syncopated gaiter

And you out to hear the meter to the roar of his repeater

How they run (yes run!)

When they hear him come, because the western folks all know,

He's a high fallutin', rootin' tootin'

Son of a gun from old Wyoming

Ragtime Cowboy, (talk about your cowboy), Ragtime Cowboy Joe.

"Fight, Wyoming, Fight!"

Come on, Cowboys, gold and brown!

Show them how, boys, hold them down!

Start right now, boys, don't' delay,

Break away, win today.

Take that ball, and one, two, three!

Carry on triumphantly -- Come on and fight!

Fight! Fight, you Cowboys, fight!

Come on and fight to victory!

The Bronze Boot:

The Bronze Boot is awarded to the winner of the college football game between Wyoming and Colorado State, in nearby Fort Collins. The annual game has evolved into one of the most bitterly contested rivalries in college football. The teams have waged the "Border War" one hundred times since the schools began playing in 1899, playing every year except 1901, 1902, 1906, 1907, 1918, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1943, 1944, and 1945. This is one of the oldest interstate rivalries west of the Mississippi River, and the oldest west of Lawrence, Kansas. The series is the oldest rivalry for both schools and the "Border War" has been played in three different centuries.

-From the Wikipedia entry on Wyoming Football


If Wyoming was a baked good, which baked good would it be?

Chuckwagon Blueberry Dump-Cobbler

Something cowboys would eat? Check. Something soft and crumbly like a cupcake? Check. Subtle Name Jab? Check!


Now you're fully versed in Wyoming lore. Tomorrow, you will be tasked with using your newfound knowledge to make friends with our visitors!

Go Big Red!