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Thursday's Corn Flakes: How to beat Nebraska?


Huskers. America. College Football. What else do you need?!?
Huskers. America. College Football. What else do you need?!?
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Two days to Nebraska's game versus Wyoming. But hey THERE IS FOOTBALL TONIGHT. North vs. South Carolina, UNLV/Minnesota, USC at Hawaii tonight...... HOOSA!

Lots of things coming out of Corn Nation every day lately, and Wednesday was no different. Mike last night had something on the B1G allowing HuskerVision to show instant replay for review. Meanwhile, Jon talked about how Defense is going to be a shell of itself with the new rules, Nathaniel went through the B1G schedule for Nebrasketball, and Aaron talked about his trip to Laramie 2 years ago as Mike went over his preview of the Cowboys.


A friendly reminder about posting at Corn Nation this weekend, per Jon:

Therefore, if you've come to the site and you think you want to participate in a game thread, get yourself registered and ready to go by tomorrow so you're not left out.

Husker verbal QB Zack Darlington talks for the first time after sustaining a concussion last Saturday.

Want some tired cliches about Nebraska, especially Taylor Martinez? Here ya go, the "gameplan" for Wyoming to beat Nebraska.

There is a Nebrasketball visitor this weekend named Elbert Robinson this weekend. Nebraska could use him. Why, you may ask? Well....

If you are heading to Memorial Stadium on Saturday, it's going to be very warm. Take some precautions before you head off to the stadium.

Texas A&M nailed Johnny Manziel on Wednesday.... with a half game suspension. Whether you agree with it or not, the fact that they had nothing but accusations to work with makes the suspension actually laughable. The story was pushed by people like Darren Rovell of, but there was nothing ever brought to the table when it came to actual money changing hands at all.

You can complain about Manziel, but hey, buy this pic of him as you read how the NCAA wasn't going to punish him!

There are a lot of uniform changes this year in College Football. Here's a list of what is different.

Bud Elliott says take the overs on Nebraska's win total, along with a lot more other prop bets.

Nice more localized SBN list that have coaches on the hot seat. Dave Christensen of Wyoming is on there already, as well as Mack Brown. Furthermore, remember when people thought Jim Grobe would be great at Nebraska?

Wescott Eberts of Burnt Orange Nation wants Mack Brown to do one thing. Leave the 40 acres.

Rolling Stone tried to get in the CFB reporting business this week. They probably should stick to music.

How does Indiana not know who the starting QB is? Give it to Tre Roberson already.

Along with the start of the College schedule, there's a full slate of final NFL Preseason games tonight, as all 32 teams have to cut from 75 to 53 players this weekend. While nothing is going to be terribly exciting, check out SBNation's NFL page to keep up to date on the news and notes around the league. Also, don't forget that every NFL team is represented on SBN, so there's no reason to say you can't keep up with your favorite team.

The season is alive, therefore there are no birthdays to equate this occasion, as this is it's own national holiday, folks. To celebrate, we bring on Americana himself, Mr Bruce Springsteen.

(thanks anner92)