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Wednesday's Corn Flakes: A Surprise At Wide Receiver?

Three Days to Nebraska's kickoff. FOOTBALL STARTS TOMORROW

Are you tailgating yet?
Are you tailgating yet?
Mario Tama

Welcome to Thursday. Let's waste no time.

From CN on Wednesday, there was a lot of stuff. There was Tunnel Walk research, and you also had the Women's B-Ball schedule finalized. Plus, we gave you our initial B1G power poll, and we're going to pay attention to see if the 2013 offense can stay up with '95 or even '83 (probably not, but comparing is fun!). And, finally, of course you got the podcast.

DONU practiced for a couple hours, still preparing for Wyoming this coming Saturday. DC John Papuchis had a lot of things to say.

Jesse Collins over at Off Tackle Empire makes his closing arguments on how Nebraska should turn the corner this year. Some good comments on what should be expected from the Huskers.

Some good depth chart stuff here from the LJS. Kinda wondering how SAM BURTCH has passed guys like Tyler Wullenwaber, Jordan Westerkamp and such, but hey FALL BALL. ($)

Speaking of depth charts, here are some Wyoming notes about their depth chart situation.

Sam McKewon of the OWH took at look at some of the food you'll get at Pinnacle Bank Arena this winter. ($)

Personally, I would hope that PBA bring something like the Boomstick at RBiA because that seems to....


Tommie Frazier's first commentary piece of the season is here. Get a lunch.

If you missed it, SBNation's College Football folks put together a FANTASTIC CFB Index for '13 that you simply need to bookmark for all teams covered in the SBNation community.

There are many reasons we all love College Football. This is one of those stories, and it's pretty good.

Good to see that George O'Leary thinks the modern CFB player is "soft". Never mind a player died during conditioning drills that O'Leary oversaw, mind you.

If you think the DT issue at Nebraska is bad, you should check out Texas' issues there. Another Defensive Tackle splits from Austin, this time a Senior that would have contributed big time to the Longhorns cause this year.

Nebraska went hard after Wide Receiver Blake Bone from South Carolina. However, as the case has been this cycle, he ended up committing to....... yep, you guessed it. Kentucky.

Michigan State named Andrew Maxwell starting QB, but that's where the fun starts!

Big loss literally and figuratively for Oklahoma State, as starting Left Tackle Devin Davis is gone for the year with a ACL tear.

Kirk Ferentz is sticking with Jake Rudock to start for Iowa vs. Northern Illinois this Saturday.

Once a week, I'll be bringing up Coaches Hot Seat, a site that is pretty good on naming the top 10 HC's in FBS that has their butts to the fire this year. Kinda surprised at #1 and #9 to start off this year, but overall that is a solid starting ten in the list.

Today's birthdays include Jack Black, Shania Twain, Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo to some of you), Leann Rimes, and David Fincher.

Today is National Cherry Turnover Day, as well as National Radio Commercial Day.

Your video is one of Greg Mehochko's favorite bands.

Enjoy your Wednesday, folks.