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The Corn Nation B1G Football Power Poll

With much sadness, we must report that the famed Top 25 Power Poll SB Nation had hosted has been put to rest. We will miss it fondly and in remberance of the dearly departed, we at Corn Nation will conduct a similar poll ranking in as unbiased a view (yeah right) as possible. The minds met in a bunker southeast of Lincoln, with much spirited debate to hammer out the inaugural CN B1G Power Poll.

Scott Cunningham

Polls are a funny thing. Everyone approaches them a little differently. This one was no different. All, well, most of the CN contributors submitted their ballots and the following is the result:

Team Total
Ohio State (11) 143
Nebraska 124
Michigan 115
Northwestern (1) 101
Wisconsin 97
Michigan State 90
Penn State 83
Minnesota 51
Indiana 50
Purdue 36
Iowa 32
Illinois 14

The first thing you'll probably notice is that the poll wasn't unanimous (at any spot, for that matter) at the top. Most pundits have Ohio State as the run-away favorite to win the Big Ten, and frankly they are, here too, but not everyone thinks that way. I won't out the voter who voted Northwestern (!?) #1, ah, screw it, yes I will. You'll have to check with Salt Creek for an explanation on that one. I've got nothing.

Some other observations:

- After we get past the Buckeyes, the top three are pretty clear, the next 4 are hard to differentiate for a lot of people, and this poll reflects that.

- Despite them getting one first place vote, Northwestern checks in the fourth spot, their early conference schedule leaves doubt in the minds of many whether or not they can get over the hurdles they couldn't at the end of games last year.

- Surely the three-time defending champs Wisconsin Badgers coming in at five will sit well in Madison, but there's nearly always a transition period when there's a change at the top spot.

- After Penn St, you've got two teams a lot of people are high on and are bubble bowl teams for the Big Ten. Non-conference results will be key for Minnesota and Indiana as they look to get to a bowl game.

- Not much confidence in the Hawkeyes. Historically, Iowa has had some of their better seasons when they get written off. We'll see how they fare this year because that certainly is the case this season. We'll see how they handle BCS buster Northern Illinois right out of the gate.

Finally, Cobby checked in with his thoughts, if you can decipher them. I hesitate to share his input because when I tried to figure the results in with the rest, my computer started crying. Big 'ole crocodile tears. Moisture and electronics don't generally mix well, so I'm hoping this doesn't break something when I share this with you. And, don't tell anyone, but he's holding my special corn-on-the-cob butter knife ransom if I don't share it with you all. THAT WAS A GIFT FROM MY MOTHER! Well, here goes nothing. Don't say I didn't warn you:

Team Total
Nebraska (1) 12
Indiana 3
Michigan 1
Northwestern 1
Michigan State 1
Penn State 1
Minnesota 1
Purdue 1
Illinois 1
Ohio State -5
Wisconsin -50
Iowa lolwa

Phew, I feel better now. And I have my special butter knife back. Clearly, someone hasn't moved on from the game that must not be mentioned. Frankly, neither has BTN. Bring on the footballs! Let's get this show on the road!