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Nebraska Football: A 2013 Scoring Explosion?

Can the 2013 Huskers' Offense be as successful as the 1983 and 1995 Husker teams? We'll track the 2013 offense throughout the season.

Eric Francis

If there's one thing that has been talked about ad nauseum as the season has drawn closer is the potent offense that the Huskers will field this year. There is much to love about the 2013 offense, but it may be way to soon to anoint it the second coming of the 1983 or 1995 Husker offenses.

This table breaks out the points for and points against by the 1983 and 1995 Husker teams. Interestingly, despite an 84 point blizzard at Minnesota, the 1983 Huskers away point average was a touch less than the 1995 Huskers, although the 1983 Huskers had a slightly better home scoring average.

What is notable is the scoring defense. Both teams had exceptional scoring defenses, which certainly helped the offenses. It takes a lot of faith in the 2013 Huskers to believe that they will be able to put together a season scoring defense like the 1983 or 1995 Huskers.

We'll be updating this each week during the season to see how this 21st Century Scoring Explosion pans out.

Home Games PF PA
1983 55.4 16.9
1995 54.9 14.9
Away Games PF PA
1983 42.2 16.4
1995 49.8 13.8
All Games PF PA
1983 50.3 16.7
1995 53.2 14.5