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Zach Darlington's Father Issues Statement Regarding Zach's Health, Pelini's Loyalty

Husker recruit Zach Darlington's father Rick issued a statement regarding Zach's health - that there is no permanent damage and he is expected to make a full recovery. Rick Darlington also praised Bo Pelini for his loyalty and integrity.

Husker recruit Zach Darlington's father Rick has issued a statement through the Orlando Sentinel, stating that there is no timetable for Zach's return to football, that he has suffered no permanent damage and his physicians expect a full recovery:

We do not have a timetable for his return, but we fully trust in the medical care and opinions of Dr. Ray and Dr. Slobounov. Zack saw them [Monday], underwent several tests and performed surprisingly well. He has suffered no permanent damage, and his physicians expect a full recovery.

Rick Darlington, the head football coach at Apopka High School, at  also had praise for Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini:

I spoke with Bo Pelini, the head football coach at the University of Nebraska [on Monday] morning. He told me that if Zack plays again this year, if he doesn't play this year or if he never plays football again, they want him as a Cornhusker.

This type of integrity and loyalty is why Zack chose Nebraska as his college destination, and we are very thankful to coach Pelini and his staff for their support of my son, not just as a football player but as a young man.

We here at Corn Nation wish Zach good health, a speedy recovery, and the best of luck at whatever awaits him, whether it be football or not.