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Corn Nation Football Pool: What Would You Like To Win?

Jon Johnston

There are 87 entries in our 2013 College Football Pool and if you haven't joined, you have less than a week to do so using this link.

In the meantime, I'm still milling over whether CN will be giving out prizes for weekly winners or a grand prize winner for the overall winner. I'm looking for feedback.

Some possible options:

Ever heard of a munny? Neither had I until my oldest son starting customizing them a few years ago.

Below is the custom Nebraska munny (click to embiggen) he made that should go to the NCAA pool tournament winner (and now that I've finally put photos up, he can claim it if he wishes). Also included below is another couple munnies partially completed just to show another example. The one shown is seven inches high.

Huskermunny2_medium Huskermunny3_medium Huskermunny4_medium Nudemunny_medium
Question is - is this something you'd find interesting?

Next option: Corn Nation T-Shirts

Right now we have two designs available - the traditional "Cobby" Corn Nation T-shirt, or the newer SB Nation United Corn Nation t-shirt. These are available via our online store, which right now contains only two t-shirts.

Cn_cobby_red_front_mock_up_medium Sbncornnationshirt_medium
Next option: A Custom-made Corn Nation kilt.

This obviously would be for the overall winner, but I'm currently negotiating with Mrs CN to see if this is something she could do. I don't have any examples at this point, but, hey, we can come up with something.

Who wouldn't want to attend a Husker football game in their own handmade Nebraska-oriented Corn Nation kilt?

Next option: Cash.

How boring, but a possibility.

So... there's your options. DISCUSS!!!