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Corn Nation Preseason Predictions For 2013

The CN staff puts out their predictions for the 2013 season.

The Rose Bowl. Who will be playing in both games in Pasadena 6 months from now?
The Rose Bowl. Who will be playing in both games in Pasadena 6 months from now?

Well well well…. here we are. Finally, the cusp of the 2013 season. It has seemingly been a very long offseason this time around. Fortunately, this season will be interesting in many ways to me. Can the Defense catch up anywhere close to the offense? Can Nebraska use a very friendly schedule to get back to Indy? It all gets answered starting next week.

The Corn Nation staff did a broad range of selections for this coming season. They are as follows:

Conference Winners:


Mike: Alabama

Salt Creek: JAWJA

Aaron: Georgia. Favorable schedule.

Cobby: Missouri. Suppose this would shut SEC people up?

David: Alabama

Mister Mike: Alabama

Paul:  Alabama

Cheeseandcorn: Georgia

Jon: Alabama

Brian: Unless Texas A&M finds a Defense, it's going to be Alabama again. I do like Georgia as a darkhorse though.

PAC 12:

Mike: Oregon

Salt Creek: Southern Cal

Aaron: Stanford is my National Champion.

Cobby: Colorado. I just want to see a blizzard at the PAC-12 Championship.

David: UCLA

Mister Mike: Stanford

Paul:  Oregon

Cheeseandcorn: Stanford

Jon:  Stanford

Brian: Gimme Oregon all day.

Big 12:

Mike: Oklahoma State


Aaron: Oklahoma State

Cobby: Iowa State

David: Texas

Mister Mike: Oklahoma

Paul:  Oklahoma

Cheeseandcorn: Oklahoma

Jon: Oklahoma

Brian: My upset special... TCU. Casey Pachall is the best QB in the conference.


Mike: Florida State

Salt Creek: Seminoles

Aaron: Clemson

Cobby: Maryland

David: FSU

Mister Mike: Clemson

Paul:  FSU

Cheeseandcorn: Clemson

Jon: Clemson…. wait, Clemson can’t win it they’re Clemson. FSU

Brian: Clemson is better than FSU... which means they will Clemson, I agree Jon. Florida State

American Athletic (The former Big East):

Mike: Louisville

Salt Creek: Pitt...Okay, Louisville.

Aaron: Rutgers. I’m not buying Louisville.

Cobby: Tulane. I know something you don’t know.

David:Louisville. Can’t find a better option…

Mister Mike: Teddy B and the Cardinals

Paul:  Louisville

Cheeseandcorn: Louisville

Jon: Rutgers? Man, no wonder they want in the Big Ten. Louisville

Brian: This is easier than predicting the Big Ten East. Louisville.

Heisman Trophy Winner:

Mike:  Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina.  Yeah, he’s a defensive tackle. But the Clowney hype machine got a head start in the Outback Bowl.

Salt Creek: Taylor Martinez, Nebraska. Because I think 2010 Taylor Martinez shows up this season. One last hurrah, ladies and gents.

Aaron: A.J. McCarron. Darkhorse, whomever gets the carries at Stanford this year.

Cobby: Tim Tebow. Oh wait. I thought we were doing NFL MVP.

David: Marcus Mariota

Mister Mike: Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville.  I think he’ll put up ridiculous numbers, due to the mostly crap-tastic teams they’ll face this year.

Paul:  A.J. McCarron

Cheeseandcorn: Jadeveon Clowney. Manziel will suffer a step back, and in the absence of an elite offensive player in the SEC, the media will throw their weight behind Clowney instead.

Jon: Surprise! It won’t be awarded this year as the Manziel family files an injunction against the Heisman Trophy after Johnny Football has a nervous breakdown on the field against LSU. Their reasoning? The Heisman Trophy Trust mislead winners about the dangers of winning the award. Four other Heisman winners join a lawsuit and the Heisman is never awarded again.

Brian: Bridgewater. Unless he gets hurt early, he should ease through the AAC schedule and the Cards should be in the top 3 by December.

Big Ten East Champ:

Mike: Ohio State

Salt Creek: Wisconsin

Aaron: Ohio State. I’d like to go with someone else, but their schedule is just too favorable this year.

Cobby: Indiana. Hey we get one game closer to evening the record against the Hoosiers!

David: Ohio St.

Mister Mike: No question, Ohio State.

Paul:  tOSU

Cheeseandcorn: Ohio State

Jon: Ohio State

Brian: Ohio State. Not even close.

Big Ten West Champ:

Mike: Nebraska

Salt Creek: Northwestern

Aaron: Nebraska. I like the teams with favorable schedules. Sparty burned me last year.

Cobby: Nebraska

David: Michigan St.

Mister Mike: Michigan

Paul:  DONU

Cheeseandcorn: Michigan St.

Jon: Nebraska

Brian: Michigan. I just think it's Neb/Mich in Ann Arbor, and Nebraska on the road late in the season... woof. Let's hope I'm proven wrong.

Big Ten Champion:

Mike: Nebraska. With the homer pick.

Salt Creek: Northwestern

Aaron: Ohio State. I still have nightmares about last years trip to the shoe.

Cobby: Nebraska

David: Michigan St.

Mister Mike: Ohio State.

Paul:  tOSU

Cheeseandcorn: Ohio State

Jon: Nebraska

Brian: Ohio State, going undefeated and heading to Pasadena to play Alabama for the last BCS title.

Nebraska’s record and bowl game:

Mike: 12-2, Rose.

Salt Creek: 11-2, Fiesta/Sugar/Orange

Aaron: 12-1 Fiesta Bowl

Cobby: 14-0 BCS National Championship Game

David: 11-2, Outback

Mister Mike:  9-4, Outback

Paul:  12-2, Rose (tOSU to BCS NC game)

Cheeseandcorn: 9-3, Outback


Brian, 10-3, losing to Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Anything less than a BCS game, and.... Good lord above help us all.