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Zack Darlington, Nebraska QB Commit, Diagnosed With Concussion

The concussion would be Darlington's second this summer. Doctors will keep him under observation until Sunday afternoon.

Reports out of Duncan, South Carolina, indicate that Zack Darlington did indeed suffer a concussion after a hard hit midway through the fourth quarter of an ESPN-televised game against Byrnes High.  The Orlando Sentinel talked to Apopka High School athletic director Fred Priest, who said:

"The diagnosis is that he has a concussion and has to be under observation for 24 hours. His parents are staying here with him while the team returns home.''

Brother  Ty Darlington, a sophomore center with the Oklahoma Sooners, reported that he had talked to his mother.

"I talked to my mom just before they got into the helicopter. She said he moved and that he had talked.''

This would be the second concussion for Darlington this summer.