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Friday Corn Flakes: Less Than A Week, Time To Come Back!

College football season is less than a week away! It's time to come back to Corn Nation! It's time to gather and get ready!

Jon Johnston

Less than one week to football!!! WooohoO!!!!

Be here next Thursday night as we kick off the season's first college football game thread and celebrate the beginning of the season!

Minnesota will be taking on UNLV, Utah State is at Utah, Ole Miss is at Vanderbilt, Rutgers at Fresno State and the late game is USC at Hawaii so we can all make bets on how bad the Trojans will tank things this year.

It's time to come back to Corn Nation! It's time for all y'all that been lurking to check in and let us know you're still around, that you're still with us, like mountain men showing up for that yearly soiree just to let everyone know they're still kicking and ready to go for another year!

You could call it a roll call, but sound off in the comments section if you're ready to join us for another season full of game threads!

Now, on to some random stuff that you'll find of interest:

Three Reasons Why: Ohio State won't go 12-0 -

With much to like about the 2013 Ohio State football team, Dan Rubenstein has three very specific reasons why the Buckeyes won't run through their schedule unscathed.

It's video and Dan has some pretty darned good reasons as to why the Buckeyes will fail to reach the national title game.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Outfit a Missouri Fan in Husker Gear and Help Fight MS!

A friend in Kansas City is participating in the Bike MS event in Kansas City next month. He's a Missouri alum, but he's offering to wear the colors of whichever fan base supports him the most. He's hoping that his fellow Tiger fans will come through, but frankly, wouldn't it be awesome to have him wearing Husker Red instead?

I second this - it would be really cool to send him off in Husker gear. Besides, Husker Mike has friends? WTF?

FOOTBALL AND FAMILY: My last OSU football game. - Cowboys Ride For Free

Searching for "Nebraska" I found this on the network. It really doesn't have much to do with Nebraska, but it is a good read.

Two carries, six yards: When the Chargers acquired former No. 1 pick Ricky Bell in 1982, they thought they were adding a valuable piece to the backfield. Two years later, he was dead. -

This is a long form piece on the mother ship by Jeff Pearlman. It is an excellent story about Ricky Bell, who's life and career ended way way too soon. It's stuff like this that makes me proud to be part of this network.

2013 Wyoming offense: Can it live up to expecations - Mountain West Connection

A bit old, but I bet you missed this, didn't you?

Purdue Football Depth Chart: A Few Spots Up For Grabs - Hammer and Rails

We play Purdue this year. No, really, we do. How weird is that?

Penn State Quarterback Competition: O'Brien Still Mum On Starter - Black Shoe Diaries

And Penn State. We play them. You know that 30 years ago a week from today (August 29th, 1983) that Nebraska's first game was against the Nittany Lions in the first ever Kickoff Classic. I remember it. I do. I remember we were all getting together at a friend's, it was our first year off campus, and right before the game a good friend asked me what I thought was going to happen. I responded "We're going to kick the living shit out of them" and we did, 44-6. Remember this is the season after that damned McCloskey caught the ball out of bounds and PSU pulled out (CHEATED OUT YOU MEAN) a win.

Who knew at the time that the 1983 team would become legend?

Preseason Q&A 2013: Corn Nation - The Only Colors

Our staff did this. You didn't miss it, right?

Husker Kickoff Party 2013 | Party with the Sidetrack Band on August 24th – All proceeds go to the Team Jack Foundation

In preparation for the first Husker football game of 2013 we are having the 1st ever Husker Kickoff Party in Omaha on August 24th. The Party will be at Castle Barrett at 4330 Leavenworth Street in Omaha. It all starts at 8 PM and the Sidetrack Band from Lincoln will be playing their infamous Husker tunes and...

So, what else you doing tomorrow night? Sitting around by yourself playing Team DeathMatch on Battlefield 3 again? MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET OUT ONCE IN A WHILE.

Final Takes: Making sense of Taylor Martinez - Football Study Hall

You saw this, right? I hope so, because we put it on our site.

In East Stadium, new views and recruiting pitches |

Apparently there's all sorts of shiny new things at Memorial Stadium. They built this whole new side of the stadium, and put stuff inside it, including a performance center, and suites for people with a lot of money. If you have a lot of money, you get a bathroom in your suite and don't have to deal with rabble like me.

If you only have so much money, you don't get a bathroom in your suite, and you just have to piss over the side of the stadium. NO, NOT THE SIDE WITH PEOPLE ON IT YOU DUMBASS THE OTHER SIDE. WHAT'S THAT? THERE'S PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES? THEN PISS ON THE SIDE WHERE IT'S REALLY HIGH AND PEOPLE DOWN THERE WILL THINK IT'S RAINING OR SOMETHING.

And that's what you get for being a pediatrician instead of a neurologist. Speaking of neurologists..... (we'll leave that for another time).

Hail Varsity Magazine – The Voice of Husker Nation:Album 1 « Gallery 59 « Photo Galleries


New East Stadium a Unique Sell for Recruiting - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
In giving the media a sneak peek of Memorial Stadium's eastside expansion before it is fully unveiled in the season opener against Wyoming, the N-Sider points all Husker fans to two important truths

New targeting rules rile NU football staff, players - Daily Nebraskan: Sports

Terry Joseph: "One thing you are going to see is a lot of knees getting taken out," he said. "What do you coach? You want your guy to stay in the game, so some coaches are going to have to live with their players being labeled dirty because they are trying to stay legal."

I think I'll just do a whole piece on this, so I won't comment much here.

Hey, though. Less than one week left, like I said. Time to check in and let us know you're here.

It's Friday! Make sure you GO OUT AND LOVE SOMEONE!