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Spencer Long Sole Nebraska Entry In Top 100 2014 NFL Draft Prospects


SBNation's Mocking The Draft released their 2014 Top 100 NFL Draft Prospects today. Nebraska made the list, but just barely, when Nebraska offensive guard Spencer Long was chosen at #97.

Mocking The Draft provided a break down of top players by position as well - note that they don't correspond to just the Top 100, but the top players at each of their spots.

Taylor Martinez did not make the quarterbacks list (perhaps they forgot him somehow?), but Ameer Abdullah came in at #24 on the running backs list and Kenny Bell made the wide receivers list at #39.

Jeremiah Sirles came in at #24 on the offensive tackles breakdown, while Spencer Long was ranked at #6 amongst offensive guards.

The only two entries on the defense were at cornerback where Stanley Jean-Baptiste ranked #23, ahead of Ciante Evans at #26.

I've never been a big on spewing the number of NFL players on a team's roster as some sort of guide post as to how successful the school is at college football but I have a hard time believing that Nebraska's talent quality has fallen this far.

I can understand how some nationally have a low opinion of Martinez (YOU MEAN "ARM PUNTER MARTINEZ", amirite?), but to not even list him when you have 27 other quarterbacks listed? Am I being too much of a homer here or what?

Abdullah has another year to go, and you have to believe that by the end of the season Kenny Bell will be getting a lot more looks than he is right now.

Other than the players already mentioned, who else might be drafted next season?