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Wednesday's Corn Flakes/August 20th Practice Report: Ashburn Medically DQ'ed


10 days
10 days
Mike Jaixen/CornNation

GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS.... It's Wednesday, you didn't need no damn Geico commercial with a camel to tell you this. Come on now.

Tuesday's practice report? Here you go, in tweets.

Lots of talk about Taylor and such after the 2 hour late afternoon practice at North Stadium on Tuesday. Also of note, it sounds like Andrew Green is going to be in the mix at Safety, next to Corey Cooper.

Rodriguez can be large with Spencer Long, Jeremiah Sirles and Brent Qvale on the line this year. Man... I just realized how much of these guys will be gone next year. /gulps

Another hit for the Huskers D line it seems to be. Medical redshirt basically means that Ashburn will not be a playing member of the team anymore, however will be allowed to finish his degree and his playing scholarship will be available next year. Speaking of scholarships, according to my count, Nebraska is currently with 75 scholarship players currently. That means there are 10 full rides not being used.

Bo Pelini, in the post practice presser, did state that there will be some walk-on's awarded with a scholarship by the end of the week, this is an interesting thing to watch. On one hand, it's almost insane that a school like Nebraska has less than 90% of their financial aid used. However, on the other hand, that does give Nebraska a chance to have a full signing class for the 2014 cycle. This depends on how many kids leave the program at the end of the year and how many walk-on's are awarded, but I find this to be an odd development. There are 14 graduating Seniors at the end of this year for Nebraska.

Well done, Jeff Culhane. Enjoy Morgantown, but keep a hard lockdown on that couch my man.

Bo's quotes? Bo's quotes.

Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini met with the media after practice, noting that the team is making some good progress as they start their preparations for the 2013 opening game versus Wyoming on Aug. 31.

"We are making some good progress, we are getting a lot of things accomplished out there," Pelini said, "I am seeing a lot of areas where we need to get better, but the energy has been good and the temp has been good. I see us improving as a football team right now."

A player that has had to deal with changing positions is senior Andrew Green. Green, who previously played corner for the past three seasons for NU changed to safety going into this season. Pelini believes that the switch is starting to work out great, as Green is starting to show some of his cover skills at safety.

"He has come along well, we gave him a ton of reps out there today and he is getting better." Pelini said, "I think he is comfortable and he has picked it up well. He has shown really good range back there and cover skills from his corner days, he’s getting better."

With his added depth in the secondary, not only do the Huskers boast a solid cornerback trio with junior Josh Mitchell and seniors Stanley Jean Baptiste and Ciante Evans, the Blackshirt secondary has a proven senior leader in Green to play safety.

A player that much like Green changed positions from safety to cornerback and now back to safety is junior Corey Cooper. Cooper, who recorded 17 tackles last season with 1.5 tackles for loss has been impressing Pelini and the rest of the coaching staff during fall camp with his play at safety.

"His experience with playing up (cornerback) has helped him going back. Just getting game experience—getting confidence and having success." Pelini said, "He understands how things work up front, so I think it made him a better safety having been up."

Much has been said about the Nebraska football team announcing there will be four season long captains, with Taylor Martinez, Quincy Enunwa, Spencer Long and Ciante Evans being the captains chosen. Pelini so far has really liked how the captains have stood up to their leadership rolls, while also mentioning the four captains are not the only ones stepping up in the leadership department.

"I think we are getting really good leadership, not just the captains but some of the older guys as well." Pelini said, "This team has some intangibles—leadership that I really like. It is a true theme, I like the way they have come together and hopefully that will continue."

A player that has been making some noise on the offensive line has been senior Aurora native Andrew Rodriguez. Rodriguez, who has started eight games in his Husker career has shown some really good things at camp so far according to Pelini.

"He has played well, this has been his best camp and he is probably playing the best football he has ever played while he has been here." Pelini said


From CN on Tuesday, you got Mike's preview of Penn State this year, while Greg and I talked about Nathan Gerry and the possibility of the Blackshirts coming out.

Paul Dalen, the man behind the stats at Corn Nation and Football Study Hall, was on Unsportsmanlike Conduct, on 1620 The Zone in Omaha on Tuesday with Mike'l Severe and John Bishop. Here's the podcast of that for all of you to hear.

Steve Sipple at the Journal Star wonders about the middle of the Nebraska Defensive Line and if it can help this year. ($)

One thing to notice is that, for all the mentions of Brodrick Nickens, Vincent Valentine, Aaron Curry and Maliek Collins, that's just another non-mention of guys like Donovan Vestal, Jay Guy, and Tobi Okuyemi. While it's good to see guys like Collins and Nickens and become contributors, it's just as upsetting to see Guy and Okuyemi being passed by so many 3 years in the program.

Over at NoCoastBias, here's another nice little spoof on the type of Husker fans we all seem to run into.

I love you Tim Miles.

Nebraska Volleyball will see five matches in their '13 season on NET.

Tom Osborne stars in a commercial for Best of the Big Red. I want that hat.

Late word on Tuesday that UCLA Linebacker Anthony Barr, who wreaked havoc on Nebraska last year, was diagnosed with a probably concussion during practice. Barr had a little coming out party against the Huskers in the Rose Bowl, but we don't wish will ill on anyone. Lets hope the young man is feeling better soon and on the field.

Sometimes, people have good intentions but should keep them intentions. This is one of those times.

Eleven Warriors tells you how to be a better fan in five easy steps. Ramzy is spot on, as usual. (It's how to be a better Buckeye, but any fan base can truly take heed in these steps)

Ask yourself if you ever wanted to have a bowl game in the Bahamas. Well, it's happening, so be happy if you said yes.

Down in Norman, the starting Quarterback was named by Bob Stoops. The shocking part was that RFr Trevor Knight beat out Jr Blake Bell. It's created a media slapfight in the Oklahoma City area, I guess.

Oh no, Purdue. Why?

For those of you looking for Rex Burkhead during Hard Knocks, I have a feeling we're going to be stiffed on this one.

USC could be in trouble with something bringing together Silas Redd and Snoop Dogg, but USC themselves doesn't think it's a big deal.

B1G Hockey is a real thing now, folks. Nebraska would be wise to get in on this sooner than later. JUST SAYING YO.

Today's birthdays include Kenny Rogers, Usain Bolt, Kim Cattrall, BJ Upton, and Harry Smith.

Wednesday is National Senior Citizens Day, as well as Poet's Day.

Your music today? Of course it's Kenny, come on now.

(thanks to you, DiscoBar80)

Enjoy the middle of the week, everyone.