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Tuesday's Corn Flakes: Wings and Things

Eleven. Days. To Kickoff.

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Roy Helu with a TD from last night.
Roy Helu with a TD from last night.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Tuesday. If you're thinking about lunch already, you're not alone.

Matter of fact, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings the other day for lunch, and I noticed that instead of doing number of wings in an order, they have divided the wing orders into Sampler, Small, Medium and Large. Here's a ordering sheet from my local one and when you look at both wing selections (regular/boneless), it will tell you how many "at least" you'll get.

Is this a good practice?I mean, could the Watering Hole or anywhere local do this and get away with it? That in itself remains to be seen. I do plan on going there for lunch today, so I'll find out if they are still doing specific numbers on Wing Tuesday. CN author James Stevenson thinks this is still the case. He also remembered how inflation has influenced Wing Tuesday too.

Anyhow, yesterday on CN brought you Salt's FIGJAM on Nebraska over Northwestern this last year, while Mike gathered a vast amount of info from BTN's visit to Lincoln.

Speaking of the BTN coverage, Tom Shatel of the OWH wonders in his notes why the local scribes can't get a look like BTN got on Monday, along with the freedom to tweet/write about it also.

Brian Christopherson of the Journal Star talked to Joe Ganz and his interesting four year Grad Assistant journey at Nebraska. ($)

If you're looking for a crack to watch Husker QB verbal Zack Darlington, you're in luck. His Apopka Blue Darters will be playing on ESPN at 11am Lincoln time vs. Duncan (SC) Byrnes.

The guys over at Football Study Hall did some research about where those that start in the top 25 end up. One statement made is that you shouldn't start the season 18th. Nebraska is in 18th to start. Will the Huskers buck the trend or add to it?

Nebrasketball's Tim Miles has hit a list that puts him with Tom Cream, John Calipari and ABOVE Greg McDermott at Creighton. That list is where he stands in the social media game.

Speaking of Nebrasketball, Pinnacle Bank Arena is bringing Nebrasketball into the 21st century not only in facilities, but also in arena food. You'll get the greatness of the traditional Husker fare, but a lot more choices that aren't a bad thing at all.

Alex Lewis, the CU offensive lineman who wants to transfer to Nebraska but is fighting an assault case in Boulder first, will now not have his arraignment till September 20th, this after having to change attorneys before the weekend. From the article, it does sound like Lewis passed admissions to Nebraska, so it does depend on the outcome of this case in regards to whether Lewis plays for Big Red or not.

If you have seen the news (and the Flakes) yesterday, you've heard about Steven Rhodes being told by the NCAA he couldn't walk on at Middle Tennessee St, over him playing rec football with the Marines. On Monday, someone from the NCAA came to their damn senses and allowed Rhodes his eligibility. Good for you Steven, now go chase that dream man.

The Mountain West got a little bit of help, as CBS will be airing their title game after the SEC Championship game on the same channel.

Some Bowl news on Monday, as we can officially welcome the Camellia Bowl starting in 2014, while the Heart of Dallas Bowl is changing ownership. Ironically, both bowl games mentioned will be owned by ESPN.

Here are the updated Heisman odds, provided by Bovada to SBN. Taylor Martinez leads the Nebraska odds at 25/1. There are also some good Nebraska related prop bets as you scroll down the piece.

Well, Iowa State, you can be very proud of this by golly. Your cows will appreciate it too.

Roy Helu had a TD in the Redskins preseason game vs Pittsburgh on Monday night. However, it sounds like DeJon Gomes is on the bubble on whether he returns to Washington. Meanwhile, former Husker Guard Ricky Henry was waved by New Orleans.

Today's birthdays include Demi Lovato, Robert Plant, Al Roker, Ron Paul, Don King, Fred Durst, Connie Chung, and Todd Helton.

Today is National Radio Day, as well as National Lemonade Day. Furthmore, it's National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day too. Not that I've ever had that, but if you have, well, have it again to celebrate it.

As a tribute to Robert Plant, we shall finish today's flakes by getting the Led out.

(h/t to you, OzWho).

Have a great day today.