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Monday's Corn Flakes: DT Line Thins Out, In A Bad Way


Eric Martin chasing Ricky Stanzi? JUST LIKE OLD TIMES MY MAN.
Eric Martin chasing Ricky Stanzi? JUST LIKE OLD TIMES MY MAN.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Next week is game week. That's why you should go to bed early every night so you can get through the week. Trust me, I'm as impatient as you are, however time is constant, but the college football season isn't. Let us get to the goods.

From CN this weekend, Mike did a overview from Football 202 that he attended, while Salt Creek did his schedule of this week's Nebraska sports. Plus, the AP released their initial poll of the year, and Nebraska was involved. Finally, on Friday, Paul Dalen gave you his Week 1 predicitons, as well as our question to you, in where to go in Lincoln on gamedays.

Speaking of Corn Nation this weekend, James Stevenson's piece on Season Tickets a couple weeks ago was cited in this Time Magazine piece over the weekend on how College Football schools are fighting couches and HDTV for fans to come to the gameday experience. Well done, James.

Well, it was bound to happen, and the first craptastic injury happened. Kevin Williams, who was penciled in to share time at DT, was lost for the year. However, some Huskers are getting healthier, as Randy Gregory and Jake Long has made it back on the practice field. Nebraska is scheduled to have a 2 practice day on Monday at North Stadium. This will be the last week of 2 a days, as game week will have finally arrived.

Down over at the Journal Star, Steve Sipple talked to Tim Beck about how he's ready to go in Lincoln for 2013, and probably somewhere else come next year. ($) If Beck does indeed split (which I'm leaning on him probably being gone), would Scott Frost be ready to just plug in and keep on keeping on? Quite possibly.

Meanwhile, you NEED to check out these photo galleries of Pinnacle Bank Arena, which cover everything inside and out. Yes, I said need, because I don't think anyone, even as close as 2 years ago, could imagine how well this looks and the boon for both the City of Lincoln as well as UNL.

Sam McKewon at the OWH says Bo has to play a lot of players, especially on the defensive line, to see what will work, while Tom Shatel says that Nebraska needs that signature win for people outside the state to really notice Bo and the program once again. (The comments make me weep in Tom's piece, BTW)

The BTN crew of Revsine, DiNardo and team will be in Lincoln on Monday, watching and tweeting practice. The show from North Stadium will not air till Saturday, but if you follow them all on twitter, you'll get all the "pass the eye test' and whatever else cliche gets ran out there.

Eric Olsen of the AP wrote about Taylor Martinez and how he's poised for a big finish in his Senior year.

If you missed the first Tunnel Walk of Shame (TWoS) for the year.... WHAT WHY?!?! Here ya go.

The Devaney Center looks pretty good, no?

In the next version of "The NCAA has no clue what's going on", I present to you the story of Steven Rhodes of MTSU.

Purdue named SR Rob Henry as it's starting QB for the opener against Cincinnati. It should change, however, as Mike eluded to in the Boilermaker's preview by the time they play Nebraska.

TCU may not give us their starting QB til the first offensive drive against LSU next Saturday, but THESE HELMETS MY GAWSH.

Northwestern wants to be NU. So does Nebraska. In Lincoln, they just built a new side of the stadium to make seating go over 90k. Meanwhile, in Evanston, they are tarping off part of Ryan Field. It's an option, but an odd one for a school that should be on the rise.

Anyone watch Fox Sports 1 over the weekend? I did, and it wasn't too bad. I will really like to see what they have planned when they get on their feet. Fox Sports 2 was a good watch late Saturday night, but I'm a Aussie Football goof and like watching that stuff. Also, in the sport channel wars, CBS Sports Network is moving to the regular sports tier on DirecTV, and that is indeed a big deal.

Skip Bayless, everyone.

If you're a English Premier League guy, you had a fun opening weekend.

Today's birthdays include President Bill Clinton, John Stamos, Matthew Perry, Lee Ann Womack, Kevin Dillon, Kirk Cousins, and Tipper Gore.

Today is National Aviation Day, as well as National Potato Day, and Cupcake Day. It is also National Aviation Day.

We're going 80's hair band today, folks.

(thanks Def Leppard)

Have a great Monday folks.