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What is Lincoln's "Can't Miss" Place for Football Fans

Tell us what place football fans shouldn't miss when they come to Lincoln for football games!

Alan Crowhurst

A recent debate ensued between the editors here at CornNation, and Jon thought it would be a good idea to ask the community their thoughts. The topic? If a visiting football fan came to Lincoln, what's the one place they should be sure to visit.

We had several thoughts, but struggled to reach a real consensus. So what do you think? Is there anyplace that we missed?

Misty's The Friday night pep rally is legendary, and it's the best choice if you want steak or prime rib and come from a place where the beef isn't so good. (I'm thinking Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas..) It's not near the stadium, so it's not a gameday experience, though.

Lazlo's The local brewpub is in the center of the Haymarket district, which makes it an easy choice to recommend.

The Watering Hole This establishment gets rave reviews for it's wings.

The Oven Some people think that this Indian restaurant has the best food in Lincoln.

Barry's It's now under new ownership, but Barry's has always been a famed drinking spot in Lincoln.

A couple of departed bars were lamented. There's P.O. Pears, of course, and their legendary burgers. The Sidetrack is no more as well, but Paul and Joyce have moved the Sidetrack Band to the Single Barrel on 10th Street.

Did we miss anything? Anything new that we haven't mentioned? And what's your choice?