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DeTasseling The Huskers: Episode 41

Greg and Brian do their thing again this week, this time talking about Imani Cross and how much Nebraska has to depend on youth on D this year.

Imani Cross dot truck stick dot jpeg
Imani Cross dot truck stick dot jpeg
Eric Francis

Brian and Greg return for their second show this week and are back to take your questions. The guys talk about:

- Imani Cross and his impact this season.

- The timeline for an accurate assessment of the defensive line.

- Is Bo Pelini over his obsession with milk cartons?

Also, the guys go off on tangents like the Huskers losing to South Dakota State and winning the Big Ten Championship. Brian has water. EA Sports doesn't have the SEC.

........and Greg knocks on wood.

We wanna thank Salt Creek and Jon Slaga for their questions for this week's podcast.

Do you have questions for the DtH podcast? Well, don't just keep them in, we want to hear them! So take your questions and find Greg and/or Brian on twitter, and Corn Nation on both Facebook and twitter to get your questions into the guys and they will answer them the following week.