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Tommie Frazier: A Corn Nation Conversation

The 2 time National Champion QB talked about his involvement with EA Sports '14 Ultimate Team, as well as his current thoughts on college football and Nebraska.

Tommie Frazier
Tommie Frazier
Will Alexander

Brian and Greg wrap up the summer series of Corn Nation Conversation in a big way - with the quarterback of the 90s, the man who led Nebraska to two National Championships - Tommie Frazier. Tommie's on board with EA Sports for NCAA Football 14 and the Ultimate Team option. We also get Tommie's thoughts on his playing days and expectations for 2013, as well as a couple other topics of conversation.

Give it a listen - and we hope you enjoyed the Corn Nation Conversations this summer.

Don't forget, you can still get your podcast fix from Corn Nation as we will still be having our weekly series, DeTasseling The Huskers, on every week with Greg and Brian.

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