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Charting Stats In Husker Games

Football Study Hall is charting every play of every game in the college football season.

Over at Football Study Hall there's a signup for folks who are willing to dedicate a bit of time to helping improve college football. The charting project should help improve the quality of analysis and understanding of what makes college football tick.

I've used the 2012 charting data to learn a lot about how teams react in different situations such as how often does the defense blitz when there is only one back in the backfield and how far do passes travel in the air before they are caught?

The charting project will document a large portion of the game that simply isn't captured in the standard set of statistics kept by the NCAA and schools.

Do you appreciate solid analysis and reporting about the Huskers? Do you want to understand the game even more than you do already?

I knew you would.

So sign up to chart a few Husker games. If we, and other Big Ten SB sites, can cover down all all the Big Ten games it will be a big help to the effort.