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Monday's Corn Flakes: Bunker Mode Established?

19 days to kickoff.

Nebraska Baseball HC Darin Erstad throwing out the first pitch in KC Saturday night.
Nebraska Baseball HC Darin Erstad throwing out the first pitch in KC Saturday night.
Ed Zurga

Well hotcakes and sausage, has this been a busy weekend for a lot of Husker fans on a whole lot of sides of the river. Here we go with all this...

If you missed it, this past weekend, here's the rundown; Bo says the defense "will be fine". Mike wonders if it's okay to wait and see. Paul Jacobson said some stuff and Mike (and all of us mostly) reacted to it. The CN staff did a roundtable about Nebraska recruiting character first and foremost, and I talked about why you should forget about Bubba Starling. (A note about that, I didn't realize the contract was 5 years, I only saw three years when I did the piece and it's his signing bonus timeframe, so my bad on that. While that changes somewhat, the rest of the piece is pretty sturdy in what could happen)

Sounds like the Jacobson thing isn't really going away, for the time being at least. Tom Shatel at the OWH did a little bit of digging to find out what he really meant in that AP piece. His response is something, I think, all of us can agree with no matter what side of the battlefield we're on.

Over at the LJS, Thad Randle is hoping his knee holds up for his senior season (so do we Thad, seriously). Meanwhile, DC John Papuchis told Steve Sipple he is finally over last year and ready to go. ($)

It sounds like Saturday's 2 practices went well, according to Bo himself. However, the pre-practice video of people like Randy Gregory and such? Don't expect too much more the rest of the camp, as per UNL's Keith Mann, there will be none allowed the week of the 12th and 19th. Furthermore, the only time there will be media access will be during single practices. Nebraska will go 2 practices each on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In other words, bunker mode has been engaged for camp, folks.

Ty Duffy over at The Big Lead did his Nebraska preview on Sunday. Somewhat of a interesting thing from Duffy on if Pelini's long for Lincoln:

Marriage of Convenience: Is Bo Pelini doing well enough to stay on at Nebraska? Is Nebraska a good enough job to keep Bo Pelini tied down long-term? Neither side seems especially happy with this relationship.

I really don't know why one would say that, but okay.

Houston CB prospect Chris Hardeman decommitted from LSU over the weekend, as he was a verbal but never got a offer letter, so he opened up his recruitment. Nebraska was thought to be in it for the SPEEEEEDY Alief Taylor corner, but Mike Gundy waved his magical Houston wand and got Hardeman to commit to Oklahoma State.

Two Huskers get a crack together for the Cowboys, as Dallas signed former Nebraska Kicker Brett Maher and Longsnapper PJ Mangieri.

It was Huskers Night in Kansas City on Saturday night, as Scarlet took over for Royal Blue at Kauffman Stadium. Even though it was a sellout, it wasn't enough as Boston did beat KC 5-3. That's the only game the Red Sox got in Western Missouri though.

Kind of an odd story here, as former Husker Baseball player Rich Sanguinetti and another family member came down with cyclosporiasis, the ailment associated with the cyclospora, after a meal at the Olive Garden in East Lincoln. There is a resulting lawsuit coming from the outbreak. ($)

Anybody want some good reading on what is going to go down for the 2013 season? Here is EVERY FBS media guide from this season. You're welcome.

Speaking of the fine fellows over at FB Study Hall, they need volunteers to do some charting work for every CFB game this year. If you or someone you know can help out, send them here and they can help out SBNation.

Look folks, Nebraska isn't the only team to lose homegrown talent to other schools! Ross Pierschbacher, who resides in Cedar Falls, drops the Hawkeyes and commits to Alabama.

Mike Leach's lawsuit against former ESPN talking head Craig James was dismissed. Leach is appealing. I would too.

Wisconsin/LSU in both Reliant Stadium in Houston and Lambeau in Green Bay? YEA BUDDY.

Today's birthdays include Mario Balotelli, Pete Sampras, Plaxico Burress, and Peter Krause.

Today is IBM PC Day, as well as International Youth Day. Plus, it's Vinyl Record Day. Play your old Boston soundtracks folks.

Speaking of Boston, that sounds like the song of the day material.

(thanks NoExcusesLayne)

Congrats if you watched Breaking Bad last night. I have never seen the show, so I can't help ya with that discussion.

Enjoy the day folks.