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Tuesday's Corn Flakes, The Nocturnal Edition

News on Nebraska's new turf and a women's basketball player doing work across the globe.

Have you ever seen the digital board at Safeco? FREAKIN HUGE.
Have you ever seen the digital board at Safeco? FREAKIN HUGE.

Good... morning?

I'm fully convinced that some of you reading this stayed up all damn night playing EA's NCAA '14, which in this case you're going to bed here in a few minutes.

I'll make these links pretty good for you today. ($ - subscription may be needed)

If you missed it yesterday, Mike gave you the Illinois preview, along with the hate that I join him with in these silly watch lists that come out the next week and half.

Speaking of those watch lists, Taylor Martinez and Ameer Abdullah was named to the Maxwell Award watch list on Monday.

Nebraska's Fan Day was finalized on Monday. The event will be on Friday afternoon, August 2nd at Memorial Stadium from 2 to 3:30pm in Memorial Stadium. You'll be able to get some autographs from current players as well as get pics on the new field and maybe even get a peek of the new threads for the UCLA game.

Speaking of that turf...... OOH SHINY.

I selected this picture because you can get a really good look of the new two tone theme of this install. I like it a lot more than the other one, which seemed to look really good in the beginning, but seemed to get worse as the turf aged.

Nebraska WBB superstar Jordan Hooper had 8 points and 8 rebounds as Team USA ran train on Mali 120-32 in the opening of the World University Games in Russia on Monday.

From this weekend, former Nebraska bowler Kayla Johnson earned a spot on the 2014 Team USA by clutching out in the tenth frame to take second place in the women's division of the TUSA trials at the USBC International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas. Former Husker All American Shannon Pluhowsky finished third, just ten pins behind Johnson. On the Men's side, former Husker club player Erik Vermilyea was fourth in the competition.

In the 11W recruiting rankings, Nebraska slid down to 8th this week.

College Football was included on Jeopardy yesterday, including a Nebraska connection. The contestants were not very good at that.

The NFL is considering a rule that says if you're academically ineligible for NCAA competition, you can't participate in the NFL Combine, which basically is saying you can't have a job interview for a once in a lifetime opportunity. SBN's Spencer Hall has some big time issues with this.

Yes, we know that NCAA '14 is coming out today, and on the heels of the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit going down vs the NCAA right now, NT Lucas Vincent of the Mizzou Tigers wonders why he can't get a copy of the game when his likeness appears in the game and EA is making money off said likeness.

Being a big time College Football coach means you get to spend July doing things like hanging out with A listers or something similar.

LSU's Jeremy Hill was charged on Monday from actions in April at a Baton Rouge bar. If he is kicked off the team, the Tigers' rushing attack may hurt a little bit.

Interesting story coming out of College Park, as Maryland RB Wes Brown was charged with 2nd degree assault, theft, and illegal use of a wiretap. A lot of things coming out about this story, and something to watch as the season turns.

Some updated Heisman odds came out on Monday, and Nebraska's are led by Taylor Martinez.

A lot of people consider going to the Super Bowl just for the experience. This year, in New Jersey, you'll need a lot of help with what to do and such. If you're going or know someone that is going, let this be your guide.

Today's birthdays include Courtney Love, Tom Hanks, Jack White, OJ Simpson, Fred Norris, and Fred Savage.

On this day in history, the state of New York elected their first Governor in 1777, President Zachary Taylor died in office of cholera in 1850, and the first Wimbledon tournament started in 1877.

Look for the watch lists for the Rimington and Mackey Awards today. Also, watch for another Corn Nation Conversation before lunch. It's a nice long one and covers all the Big 10, so you'll wanna listen.

Furthermore, I am planning on attending the college announcement of TV Williams tonight at approximately 6:30 tonight, from McKinney, Texas. Word is that he's down to two schools in Nebraska and Kentucky. Will he pick or spurn the Huskers? Find me on twitter and when I find out, so will you.

Have a great day, or a great sleep, whichever way you're heading folks.