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Corn Nation Conversation: Jesse Collins Of SBN's Off Tackle Empire

Brian sat down one night with OTE's Jesse Collins and they went all over the place in the B1G, and of course Nebraska.

Jesse Collins

The Corn Nation Conversation Series keeps going with visit from a friend of SB Nation's Big Ten network. Native Nebraskan Jesse Collins, of Off Tackle Empire, the SB Nation Blog specifically dealing with the B1G, talks to Brian about the entire slate for the 2013 season.

No team is off-limits, as Jesse gives his takes about every single team in the Big Ten this coming season, including Nebraska at the end

We're getting closer to the season, I promise you. Keep looking for more CN Conversations from Greg and Brian as we wind down to the start of the season. Brian is doing the whole press/blogger angle, while Greg is talking to you the fan about your Husker fandom.

Speaking of talking on CN about your fandom, do you know someone that deserves their own Corn Nation Conversation? Make sure to tell Greg or Brian on twitter, or Corn Nation on either twitter or the Facebook page.