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De-Tasseling The Huskers: Episode 39

Greg and Brian get questions about the best/worst case scenarios for the football team this year, fan competitions, and maybe a career change for Greg??

How coaches and athletes view pressers I would imagine.
How coaches and athletes view pressers I would imagine.
Patrick Smith

This week, Brian and Greg start off the show with some nostalgia about video games and, more importantly, how when they were kids, video games were not how you interacted with friends. That's right - these two guys used to get outside once in awhile.

Quick hits include discussions about Tai Webster and the perceived success of Nebrasketball under Tim Miles. The guys also discuss Big Ten Media Days and the pros/cons of the event.

Getting into the questions, Jon wants to know where the line forms to be the new PA announcer at women's hoops games. Trey wants the guys' best and worst case scenarios for the 2013 football season. Derek Hernandez asks why fans are so crazy for fan vote competitions.

Food? We talk food.

Also - in imitation of Marvel movies, stick around for the entire episode. Don't walk out during the credits.

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