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Corn Nation Conversation Episode 6: Trey Smith

Greg had another CN Convo with a former Navy SEAL over his Husker fandom.

Tom Osborne, one of Trey's idols.
Tom Osborne, one of Trey's idols.
Eric Francis

In this week's Conversation, Greg talks with Trey Smith, long-time Husker fan, retired US military, and frequent question-asker to De-Tasseling the Huskers.

Trey has lived an exciting life and is doing his best to pass on the Nebraska way to his grandchildren (sort of missed with his SEC school-attending daughter).

Greg's sound board must be having a slight hiccup, as Trey's not coming in quite clearly. The static IS part of the recording. Do not adjust your speakers. Well, you may have to for volume. That board in Greg's production studio is probably 25 years old.

But enough about that - let's learn about Trey Smith in this week's Corn Nation Conversation.

The summer is winding down, but Brian and Greg plan on keeping on with the Corn Nation Conversations through to kickoff of the 2013 season.

Do you know anyone that would make a great Corn Nation Conversation? Get a hold of either Brian or Greg, or Corn Nation on twitter or Facebook and we'll get it done!