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Tuesday's Corn Flakes

32 days to kickoff brings us an update on Rex Burkhead, as well as a Minnesota WR quitting football.

Rex looks good.
Rex looks good.
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Good Tuesday morning. How do you wake up in the morning? Coffee, hot tea, or a soda or such? I'm a Mountain Dew type of guy, but that probably explains why I shop at big and tall stores. On to the links today.

From yesterday, SBN's Bill Connelly did his preview for Nebraska on the mothership. It's nice to see Kenny Bell get some national love, and WOOF THE DEFENSE PLEASE ONE TIME COME THROUGH.

Lets get the big news out of the way right here. It isn't a good one either, but it is what it is:

It's not because of a lack of effort, but Lamin shocked a few people with his decision today. Sam McKewon of the OWH took this opportunity to tell you that Nebraska has a Suh-like player in Vincent Valentine on the roster alreadyand maybe Lamin wasn't needed if Valentine is developed right (which hasn't happened much lately). I agree with this, but then again it's easy to say when Peyton Newell is (probably) going to pick you come August 31st. Now, if Newell doesn't go with Nebraska, hooooo boy.

Keeping on the recruiting chain, Nebraska is 9th in the conference this week at elevenwarriors. Also, they ask some questions that can't really be answered right now about Nebraska.

Seems like the University of Cincinnati folks don't care too much about playing Nebrasketball, but boy howdy are they pumped about the football series coming soon.

I'm going to be blatantly honest in that I'm kinda disappointed in this piece by Steve Sipple in the LJS yesterday, however I'll let you decide about it yourself in the comments. You probably know my feelings about it already. Meanwhile, Brian Christopherson talks about Quincy Enunwa and the Husker receivers. ($)

SBN community Cincy Jungle had some observations from Bengals camp on Sunday. Rex Burkhead was involved in those notes, and they are good.

EA Sports is calling for a dismissal of the O'Bannon/Keller class action lawsuit. I honestly doubt that happens though.

Devin Crawford-Tufts quit the Minnesota football team Monday to concentrate more on his college track career.

Former Auburn RB Michael Dyer is making an attempt to enroll at Louisville. Maybe this means he finally has a home?

Let me make this very clear: you don't use social media to yack at recruits, regardless of how anonymous it can be. I mean, if the NCAA snaps at the CEO of Twitter over doing this, what about you?

Texas gets another game on the Longhorn Network, as Kansas will be on the LHN on November 2nd.

I missed this earlier last weekend, but Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops received a contract extension through the 2020 season.

Lane Kiffin will be closing USC practices to the media and such. Since we cover Nebraska, we're used to this. But damn some LA folks are pissed.

With the Major League Baseball trade deadline at 3pm central on Wednesday, it is a good idea to bookmark the MLB Trade Rumors part of SBNation's Baseball coverage.

Today's birthdays include Hope Solo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lisa Kudrow, Hilary Swank, Tom Green, Alton Brown, and Jean Reno.

Today is also National Cheesecake Day, as well as National Father In Law Day.

On this day in history, Bruce Jenner won the Decathlon in the Summer Montreal Olympics in 1976. No one realized it would launch him in the hearts of American's everywhere as he gave Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian advice.

Have a great day everyone.