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De Tasseling The Huskers. Episode 38. Targeting, Defensive Depth, Comparing Taylor To Devin Gardner

Greg and Brian did their thing and talked about the new targeting rule, as well as a comparison of Taylor Martinez and Devin Gardner. Also, defensive depth is a topic.

Quincy Enunwa. This guy ain't small.
Quincy Enunwa. This guy ain't small.

Greg and Brian take your questions and talk about youth on defense, the return game, and comparing Devin Gardner to Denard Robinson and Taylor Martinez.

The guys also discuss the new NCAA "targeting" rules and why you shouldn't tweet recruits (if nothing else, treat it like Chris Hansen's "To Catch a Predator").

Also...the guys briefly mention the ideal wardrobe for Bo Pelini at Big Ten Media Days.

(note, we did the podcast right before Media Days kicked off, we will cover everything in that next week)

Do you have questions for the podcast? Well we want to hear them, so Find Greg and/or Brian on twitter, and Corn Nation on both Facebook and twitter to get your questions into the guys and they will answer them the following week.

Furthermore, do you know of a fan that deserves their own Corn Nation Conversation? Get a hold of us and Greg can interview him for our summer series that is profiling people from the Husker fandom and media folks to get their feelings on the current state of Nebraska sports.