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Frank Solich on a Tricycle? Frank Solich on a Tricycle.

We have the proof.

Sometimes you learn about the most incredible things on Twitter. #Sharknado, for example. Or Frank Solich on a tricycle.

Wait, Frank Solich on a tricycle?

Yep... former Nebraska head coach (and current Ohio head coach) Frank Solich on a tricycle.

What ... the ....

So what was Solich doing on a tricycle? It was a fundraiser for the American Heart Association in Athens, Ohio.

Ohio University football head coach Frank Solich is set to participate in a charity event benefitting the American Heart Association on Saturday, July 20 at O'Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens. The event will be headlined by a charity tricycle race during which Solich will compete against eight local Athens celebrities.

Oh, and there's video as well!

Wait...what happened to Frank? He lost his handle, and wiped out. On a tricycle. The Sporting News created an awesome animated GIF of the #FrankOut in the championship race.

And, what would this be without a typical Frank Solich quote:

"It’s a great cause," said Solich. "It makes a lot of sense to do what you can to help (Dr. Koshal) and what he’s going to raise money for the American Heart Association. I have a lot of respect for doc and what the people do here. They’re a great group of people, and I know that the people in Athens appreciate the work they do here."