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Monday's Corn Flakes: What Inspires You Today?

The links this morning to a Husker Basketball suspension and John Papuchis speaks!

I don't get it.
I don't get it.
Will Russell

Good Monday morning? What is the reason you are doing whatever you are doing right now? Necessity? Are you doing what you want to do, or is it what you need to do? I'll get into this more at the end, but think about what you're doing and what inspired you to do anything this morning.

Links are as follows, and if it has a $, that means it may cost you money to see it.

This weekend, CN brought you Jon's fantastic piece that talks about why College Football will be dead in a score, while Mike talked about the Colorado AD and their welfare status, while I helped compile the things we all wanna hear asked at B1G Media Days, but won't.

Mike Brown of LGHL does offer a rebuttal on Jon's piece right here.

Steve Sipple over at the LJS talks about how Monte Harrison could be a Bubba Starling type where he may never see the field in Lincoln because of his baseball prowess. That is definitely a possibility, and if that happens and Harrison is the only four star player in this cycle.... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOF. ($)

A fair amount of the Husker Football team participated in the Uplifting Athletes Road Race on Sunday morning near Memorial Stadium. The event was to battle glioma, the type of brain cancer affecting Jack Hoffman.

Some comments from DC John Papuchis on Friday night in the OWH. To see 8 or so names be so new to the D Line and being depended on to make a difference this year is both refreshing and scary as hell. It also makes me wince about the guys who are JR/SR's and not in that list.

Nebraska incoming JUCO guard Deverell Biggs was suspended three games by HC Tim Miles, which will take him out of the hope opener against FGCU at Pinnacle Bank. This was due to a DUI case in Omaha last December.

How in the hell do you get arrested for barking at a dog, you ask. Here's how, I respond.

The fear about the O'Bannon case is really, REALLY making the NCAA nervous.

Speaking of making the NCAA nervous, there is some terrible stuff out about how they are handling concussions.

FIU.... /headslam.

The US Men's Soccer team makes the semi's of the CONCACAF Gold Cup by defeating El Salvador 5-1 on Sunday. They will take on Honduras Wednesday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

The NFL Preseason kicked off this weekend, as the Dolphins and Cowboys (the 2 teams in the Hall of Fame Game) opened their respective camps. Immediately, the Cowboys have to deal with a season ending injury on the Defensive Line.

Today's birthdays include David Spade, Alex Trebec, Danny Glover, Steven Jackson, and George Clinton.

On this day in history, Jessica Lynch came home to a hero's welcome from Iraq in 2003, while the Hussein brothers, sons of Saddam Hussein, were killed in the same year.

Today is National Hammock Day, as well as National Penuche Fudge Day. I have no idea what that is, but celebrate it anyways.

Finally, from what I asked at the beginning today, what inspires you? My friend Marie told me about how her daughter did for homeless folks yesterday. She went out of her way to make sure some folks that she didn't even have to lift a finger for had something to eat and drink. That inspires me to pay it forward and make someone's day better today. No matter what it could be, do something from that inspiration.

Have a great Monday folks.