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Tuesday's Corn Flakes

The second day of July brings an important birthday in Husker lore, along with new uniforms that make you wanna cry.

Phil Steele says....
Phil Steele says....
Jeff Gross

How'd your Monday go? Alright? Moderately okay? Remember, short holiday week for a lot of people, so just stick with it and you'll be alright.

Wanna know why today is going to be good? Because today is Rex Burkhead's birthday. There ya go.

Lots of news and links today, so lets get to it. ($ - subscription needed).

Yesterday, Mike gave you his preview of South Dakota State. There are some sickos that want Nebraska to lose this one, as the poll at the bottom shows.

Spencer Hall done found the pic of Taylor Martinez with his offensive linemen.... shirt less. I don't get the purpose of this pose by these guys, but.... NO SERIOUSLY, WHY?

Alex Lewis, the former CU lineman that was nailed for assault outside Boulder back in May, will have his preliminary hearing on July 26th. One wonders how this trial going anything into the school year will affect Lewis' chance to at least enroll at UNL if he's allowed to.

Have you looked at The Opening 2013 on SBNation yet? It's one of the premier events of the summer, and SBNation has had complete coverage of what's been going on there. Nebraska has one verbal there right now, in OL Tanner Farmer. However, Husker targets Naijiel Hale and TV Williams are doing work there also. Plus, there is detail on all the B1G verbals at The Opening, which happens to be Ohio State and everyone else to be honest.

You won't find better coverage of The Opening on any other site other than SBNation. Bud Elliott and Wescott Eberts are there doing work and will have all the coverage you can find for free right here.

The LJS did their top 20 players to watch in the B1G this year. Nebraska has four players listed. ($)

Phil Steele puts Nebraska in the Rose Bowl this year versus Oregon. I think most of us can live with that.

11W has their weekly recruiting rankings, and Nebraska slips to 9th out of 14 teams (11W does put on Maryland and Rutgers). It is slow right now, but there are chances in the next couple of weeks to make it better.

Speaking of recruiting rankings...

A couple of schools debuted some new uniforms on Monday. I can live with Florida Atlantic's new duds, especially the helmet. Kansas, on the other hand....WHAT THE HELL.

Meanwhile, some folks got arrested and in trouble, but improved their Fulmer Cup scores. A couple Texas A&M players were charged with assault, while an OU D lineman has a DUI charge pending.

In a true first, Monday brought on a true trade between colleges, but nothing you'll see on a field.

Great read by Bill Connelly on 10 trends that will determine UCLA's second season under Jim Mora Jr.

NBA Free Agency makes my head spin.

Remember when I told you that Wimbledon was weird? Serena Williams, who has looked fairly bullet proof, got bounced.

For those wondering when their favorite NFL teams report, here's a listing of all 32 teams.

Today is Made in the USA Day, along with World UFO Day.

On this day in history, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937, and President James Garfield was shot in 1881.

Today's birthdays, besides Rex Burkhead, include Alex Morgan, Larry David, Richard Petty, Jose Canseco, Lindsay Lohan and Johnny Weir.

The number one song on this day in 1977? KILL EM ROCKY.

(thanks Wardrip06)

For those that can't make it out of bed, 60 days till the season starts. 32 days till Nebraska's fall camp. You can make it, I promise.

Get ready for another Corn Nation Conversation this morning, this time with a old CN friend from last fall. Enjoy your day everyone.