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A Corn Nation Conversation With The "Husker Hombre" Paul Favela

The CN interview series continues with a man that we all know, the man who is front and center of the student section.

The man.
The man.
Paul Favela/CN

Victoria, Texas boasts two celebrities.

One of them went on to define an era of professional wrestling for several years as a beer swigging, goatee wearing, bird flipping, boss hating, @$$ kicking, mudhole stomping sumb!*%h!

The other is a young man who enrolled at the University of Nebraska (sight unseen, mind you) and garnered attention for his sombrero-topped, corndelier-strapped, mustache-waxed, Dr. Tom's red sport coat-styled Husker Hombre persona.

Guess which one we're talking to this week.

Take a trip with me under the sombrero (that sounds dirtier than it is intended) as we talk with the Husker Hombre's mild-mannered alter-ego Paul Favela.

Oh, and I apologize again for never pronouncing "Favela" quite right. True, sincere apologies.

Do not forget, we are doing this all summer long with your fave fans and media members talking about Nebraska football up and down.

Know a fan who deserves their own Corn Nation Conversation? Drop either Greg or Brian a line or on the CN Facebook page and we will give it our all to get them on here!