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Friday Corn Flakes

Start your Friday with news on a new multi use complex for Husker sports, and take a gander at the new uniforms for the upcoming football season.

Another B1G destination.
Another B1G destination.

Hi everyone. Sorry about not having the Flakes up yesterday. I got terribly sick late Wednesday night, and went right to bed. To make up for it, I'm doing some links today for you guys. Ready? It's the weekend, you can get through it. Here ya go!

From yesterday, Jon had a fantastic piece on why we won't have College Football in a score of years, while from last night, Mike had a synopsis of the changes on the Nebraska football and basketball schedules. I'm with him, wondering about the point of the Cincinnati series football-wise. Also, I'm glad that the Soldier Field game got cancelled, in that I'm not a true fan of that field, seems like such a death trap for any football player.

We all know about how Team Jack did at the ESPY's. Such great memories. You, however, may have missed Ameer Abdullah making the Doak Walker watch list, while Taylor Martinez also made the Davey O'Brien watch list on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Nebraska's Regents approved a $20.4 Million Dollar Soccer and Tennis complex, which will be built on the Innovation Campus, which was formerly the State Fairgrounds in northern Lincoln.

New threads? New threads.

Only the city of Detroit would announce a new bowl game with B1G and ACC tie in's a couple of days before the city itself will declare bankruptcy.

There are more current players now in the O'Bannon-NCAA case. Six more players are now plaintiffs in the case.

This week's new uniforms? Western Kentucky.

Former Texas Rangers executive Rick George was named the AD at Colorado. Don't discount his ability to turn that entire department around, as he was around for the transformation of the Rangers plunge in bankruptcy to profitability and more.

Why do people keep hiring Greg Robinson?

The second round of the British Open is under way in Scotland as you read this. Click here to see the current standings, as Tiger Woods has already teed off.

On this Friday, those that celebrate birthdays include Anthony Edwards, Brian May, Jon Jones, Simon Rex, Rachel Robinson, and Stuart Scott.

Today is National Daiquiri Day, as well as National Raspberry Cake Day. Combine those two for a great after work snack, I say.

Daft Punk for your last day to the weekend? Sure why not.

(thank ya, Vevo)

Watch list for the Walter Camp award comes out today, folks.

Have a great day everyone.