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De Tasseling The Huskers, Episode 36: The Preseason Hype Machine

Greg and Brian were asked if the Huskers are getting too much preseason love, along with Brian's thoughts on TV Williams and Linebacker depth if Trevor Roach can't go this year.

The only Trevor Roach picture I could find.
The only Trevor Roach picture I could find.
Eric Francis

Brian and Greg take a few minutes to talk about TV Williams and the class he exhibited in his Tuesday evening press conference where he announced he had selected Kentucky over Nebraska and other teams (Iowa, Houston, Oregon state).

The guys field two questions this week - one regarding Trevor Roach and how his recent surgery affects the depth at linebacker; the second talks about pre-season polls and watch lists and if it's too much hype.

In between, the guys talk food.......because they're fat.

We want to thank Jon Slaga and Trey Smith on twitter for the questions for this week's show, as well as your continued loyalty for listening every week.

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