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Monday's Cornflakes

July comes in as we look at issues at Vandy and Clemson, along with a great summer for Jordan Hooper.


Good Monday morning! For most of us, this is a four day week with some of you even getting that rare four day summer weekend!

July brings in a lot of things, including National Hot Dog and Ice Cream Month. July is also National Anti-Boredom month, so you will have to keep yourselves busy.

Slow day yesterday, so lets get to the goods immediately, shall we? ($ - subscription may be needed).

The talk of the weekend still seemed to be the dismissals of Thomas Brown and Ernest Suttles. Seems like there isn't much to remember about Suttles outside his recruitment, but Brown was expected to do many things this fall. Also, regardless of whatever else is out there, it seems that the only two people that are in deep ish happens to be Suttles and Brown. David Santos, by all accounts, was nothing more than a guy who got caught in the crossfire because he was trying to do the right thing.

The LJS had a comprehensive reminder of what they were supposed to do this fall, with Brown being the one that was written about a whole lot more. ($)

It's always interesting when a former player talks about what he sees of the program in it's current state. Jay Foreman put out a interesting entry on his blog Saturday evening, with a follow up later on. The last paragraph interests me in that Foreman insinuates that "old men" keep former players away from the current roster. That being said, it's only one person's opinion about what he sees, so remember that (especially in the comments).

11W had a great piece on how much college football, and especially recruiting, has changed since the great coaches of yesteryear were on the sidelines. I would like those that attempt to compare Bo Pelini to Tom Osborne and remember what Tom had to deal with and Bo has to deal with are two completely different times and eras. So, to compare things like records and such can be misleading at times.

SBNation's recruiting guys like Bud Elliot and Wescott Eberts were at both The Opening and Elite 11 camps this weekend. There is some really great stuff from both camps and SBN is your best resource for FREE national recruiting news, not just for the Huskers and such.

Seems like James Franklin and Vanderbilt have had better weekends. Friday had reports of dismissals of at least four football players and as many as ten athletes from the Nashville school. The report comes after a reporting of a "sex crime" at a dormitory. No student-athletes names have been released yet, however.

Nebraska women's B-Ball player Jordan Hooper made the United States team for the World University Games in Russia next month. Jordan had to overcome a whole lot of nerves to make the team. ($)

Have you ever tossed a Pepsi/Bud Light bottle in a area near your television, wondering why your fave Cornerbacks were playing some violently loose coverage? There may be a reason.

This is the guy who has been arrested in connection with the Howard's Rock vandalizing.

It's July 1st, which technically means it's a new year in college athletics. That means the American Athletic Conference is officially a thing while the Big East is a different animal (with Creighton now!), along with the ACC. It all changes again next year, so WHEE THIS IS ALL NEBRASKA'S FAULT REMEMBER.

Gary Anderson's arrival in Madison has seemed to spark a rash of player movement from Wisconsin, including the man who said something about Taylor Martinez skipping rocks or such.

The NHL Draft was Sunday in New Jersey. The big thing was that Cory Schneider was shipped from Vancouver to the Devils, making one overrated goalie too comfortable while probably signalling the end of a great's career. For more details, click above and take a gander.

NBA Free Agency hit at 12:01 Eastern last night. Debauchery started immediately thereafter.

Brazil won their third Confederations Cup on Sunday, running train on Spain in their home country.

The trade rumors have come large as Major League Baseball technically starts the second half of the season today. Check all of them out here.

Terrible non-sports news this morning, as news came that as many as 19 firefighters that had gone missing fighting a Arizona wildfire have been confirmed dead.

Today is Canada Day, along with National Chicken Wing, Zip Code and US Postage Stamp Days.

On this day in history, Hong Kong was given back to China in 1997, along with the Battle of Gettysburg starting in 1863.

Today's birthdays include Pamela Anderson, Dan Aykroyd, Liv Tyler, Jamie Farr, Alan Ruck (CAMERON), and Nelson Cruz (#BOOMSTICK).

The song for your Monday? I was looking in the mirror, to see a little bit clearer, to see the rottenness and evil in me.

(thanks Byron Clarkson)

We'll come back today with some good stuff. Also, I'll be on the "Joe in Bugaha" show tonight at 9 central on Stucknut Radio. Joe has had me on his show many times, and I always like appearing on there. You can get the link to the show right here (it's gonna happen, don't believe the calendar).

Have a great Monday folks.